How Circles.Life will continue to support you during the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 19 March 2020

The community response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak has been nothing but heartening. Because Circles.Life has always been digital first – we are leading telco efforts in pivoting quickly to the situation at hand. Here’s some updates on how we’re addressing the situation:

Operations as usual

Data is the new basic human need in a world where working from home and social distancing are best for keeping you safe. We remain committed to delivering the same quality service while adhering to the relevant safety measures for both our team members and customers. So far no impact has been made on SIM deliveries and customer satisfaction scores have remained at 98%. 

Giving power to customers

You know us, we centre around our laser focused mission of giving power back to the customers. We want to make your life safer and even a little easier in a world where social distancing and working from home are now the new status quo. 

Contactless services

All our processes from signing up, getting your SIM card and transferring your number have been streamlined so that you can immediately start doing the things you love from the comfort of your home. To encourage you to stay safe indoors, we’re offering Free same-day home delivery for all our customers. 

Data: A basic human right 

Our enhanced $20 Unlimited Data add-on has some shiny new features. Get 100GB of 4G data for both work and play. It even comes with a built-in 4G rollover so any data you don’t use gets automatically transferred to the next month.

We are continuously monitoring the situation closely and are constantly improving our systems to ensure that we are prepared for every possibility. After all, We are Singapore’s #1 Recommended Telco (YouGov 2018 & 2019).   

All our efforts are geared towards keeping you safe indoors.

Our main mission has still remained the same; giving power back to the customer. As Circles.Life runs on the most reliable 4G network with 99% islandwide coverage, we strive to keep you connected now more than ever. With our recent implementation of 100GB/month and data rollover, we hope this at least gives you the power to stay connected with your loved ones. 

Sending you virtual hugs,