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Plans from just $12/mo

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99% network coverage

No contract

4.2 Seedly rating

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Get anything done with Unlimited Data!


4G Value Plan


  • 100GB Data

  • Unlimited Talktime

  • No contract

  • Free Caller ID

5G GV Value Plan


  • 180GB Plan at 5G speed upgrade (up to 10x faster than 4G)

  • Unlimited Talktime

  • No contract

  • Free Caller ID

  • Exclusive: $10 Golden Village tickets**

1st 1,000 customers only!



  • Covers Singapore and 8 Asian countries^

  • 300 Mins Local (SG) Talktime

  • Free incoming Local and Roaming SMS

  • Free Caller ID

*Price shown is for number transfer only, new number at +$10.09/mo.
^Countries covered: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau

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