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Circles.Life vs GOMO: Which is the one for you?

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Data Plans
SIM-Only Plans
Data-Only Plans
Combo Plans
SIM-Only Plans
Get rewarded with all-year-round perks and giveaways.
GOMO offers accessories, food and lifestyle deals.
No Contracts
Both Circles.Life and GOMO offer no-contract data plans.
Number Transfer
Transferring your number takes less than 3 steps.
Get 4G+ and 99% network coverage.

Ready to join the best telco in town?

Basic Plan



  • 100 Mins Talktime

  • Free Caller ID

  • No Contract

Pick your plan

50GB Plan



  • 300 Mins Talktime

  • Free Caller ID

  • No Contract

Limitless Data



  • 100 Mins Talktime

  • 25 SMS

  • Free Caller ID

  • With 4G Rollover (roll over up to 300GB of high speed 4G data)

*Price stated is for number transfer only. New number registration at +$10/mo.

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Still a little puzzled?

Let us break it down even more.

While both telcos offer affordable plans, some (ahem, us!) come with more than just data that aims to make your telco experience extra rewarding. This is what it’s like to join the Circles.Life club:

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