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It gets better – unlock more delightful rewards the longer you stay with us.

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Earning points is a breeze, and cashing in on sweet rewards is even easier.

Join Circle of Joy

Join us at our Circle of Joy pop-up event

We’re here, there and everywhere. Your next three weekends will be filled with the promise of delight in the form of sweet, sure-win rewards. All yours, because you deserve it.

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Dyson Airwrap

Apple iPad

Apple Watch SE

Apple HomePod Mini

Vouchers (Movie, F&B, etc)

and more mystery prizes

Orchard Road
(Near H&M)

Gather your squad and join us for a rewarding spin… of our Gachapon. We promise you prizes that will sweeten your day.

Unlock rewards easily

Earn points without fuss the moment you join us.

Choose from a list of exciting rewards to redeem for maximum delight, from data bonuses and 12-month bill waivers, to the latest AirPods Pro and the Samsung S23 (subject to change).


0-3 months as a customer

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Earn 40 points per day

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Win Gacha of Joy and Welcome Gacha

Let’s make it official

Joining Circle of Joy is easy. Sign up for the perfect plan that ticks all your boxes, and you’re in.

All plans come with caller ID and are available via eSIM for instant port-in.

Launch Exclusive!

4G Standard+


  • 300 Mins Talktime

  • Inclusive of extra 80GB for 3 6 months, reverts back to 50GB thereafter

  • Access to Circle of Joy loyalty program

Pick Your Plan

Launch Exclusive!

4G Upsize+


  • UNLIMITED Talktime (Incoming & Outgoing call)

  • Inclusive of extra 100GB data for 3 6 months, reverts back to 100GB thereafter

  • Access to Circle of Joy loyalty program

* Price shown is for number transfer only, new number at +$10.09/mo.

Note: A 8% GST charge will be applicable on all 4G Standard+ & 4G Upsize+ plans billed from 1st May 2023 onwards, find out more here


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