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Your Home Entertainment Truly Begins With 5G — We Have Proof

23rd November 2021
Your Home Entertainment Truly Begins With 5G — We Have Proof

Singapore is raving about 5G network plans. But what exactly is the big deal with 5G? Isn’t it just a 4G with an upgrade? Technically, yes. But you’ll be as excited as we are once you understand how effective 5G truly is. More importantly, you’ll be amazed at how it’s set to change your life at home and at the workplace. 

We just don’t talk. We even have the numbers to prove it.

As you would have already known, 5G is a network that connects anything and everything — from machines to all sorts of portable devices. We’re already familiar with the wireless connectivity of 4G. The difference is that 5G promises more speeds and more stability, allowing you to do things more efficiently. 

And we don’t just mean faster download speeds. There’s talk that 5G is key to the success of tech like VR, AR, self-driving cars, and even medical robots

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. 😎 

Let’s start with how 5G can help you in your everyday life!


Quicker speeds mean clocking out faster

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where you don’t have to spend half a Zoom call repeating what you said? The problem is your network can only deliver so much data in such a short time and having higher quality video calls increases latency. 

Current 4G networks have a latency of around 50-100 milliseconds, but 5G could reduce that number to 1-4 milliseconds. This means that network communication will be in real-time. So it’s no surprise that with a fully established 5G network, you can expect high-quality video calls with little to no lag. You get your work done faster, so you clock out right on time! 😌


And it doesn’t just have to be video calls. If you’re used to working remotely with your team on a doc or a deck, the load times will be faster. You won’t have to pull your hair anymore while waiting for those gifs to appear every time you view your presentation. Phew! 

Studying and streaming will be smooth sailing from now on

As blended learning becomes the new normal, 5G can power up the speed and stability of school servers. No more having your kids complaining about the “slow internet”. And you can expect online classrooms to be much more integrated as 5G can serve 5x the capacity over existing LTE connections.


Some say that 5G could deliver amazing 4K and 5K quality streams or even three-dimensional (3D) streaming, which will add a whole dimension of interactivity in the classroom. And it doesn’t stop there.

 Those crystal-clear buffer-free streams also apply to home gatherings or family nights. You could have Netflix parties without having to wait for your friend’s internet to catch up. Or you can ring mom and have her teach you her famous Fish Head Curry from halfway around the world — all in HD. 🤙🏼

No latency. No limits.

Your friends won’t be able to blame lag anymore when you win

Gaming will be one of the few industries completely revolutionized by 5G tech. The obvious is having a glitch-free gaming experience. At least where your network is concerned, there’ll be no more dropouts or frame rate issues, which will give you an edge over anyone still on 4G.

But the craziest innovation coming out of 5G is that it might soon be possible to Cloud Stream entire games. And we don’t mean watching YouTubers play Fortnite. Imagine having your device communicate directly with the game developer’s server. It’s kind of like having Netflix, but for games. You would save loads of hard drive space not having to install any additional software. 🤯

For this to be possible, your network needs to handle around 15.75 GB per hour, which seems like an insane amount that will stress any network plan. But 5G makes it look easy since it’s able to handle much more data. How much data? Try 20x faster and more stable than the current 4G standard.


5G will be the most accessible network available in the market

5G connectivity is designed to relay data to millions of devices per square mile (4G can only do a few thousand). This will make 5G the most accessible network we have and it’s already available right here in Singapore.


If you want in on all the amazing benefits 5G can bring, you can start by getting yourself a 5G-enabled mobile plan. That’s where we come in. Circles.Life’s 5G Start comes as an add-on to your existing Circles.Life mobile plan, which means you get all of the perks without any extra steps. It’s never been easier to get in on the 5G network, and we’re sure once you get a taste of the future, you won’t want to switch back.

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