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You Know You Want a 5G Phone, But is it the Right Time to Get it Now?

30th August 2021

Unless you’ve completely switched off the news and entered a protective bubble to preserve your sanity in this crazy world (same tbh), you’ll know 5G phones are the next big thing. Everybody in Singapore is talking about the 5G technology and what it means for the world – from smart cities to virtual reality. 🦾

Brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi are already releasing 5G phones to get everyone ready for Singapore’s 5G network, but some shoppers are in two minds. Should I buy a 5G phone now or wait until I can sign up for the right mobile plans? 🤔

Since you asked, here’s what we reckon: there’s more than one reason why you can’t go wrong investing in a 5G phone in 2021. 

Future-proof your next upgrade

Singapore’s 5G network is already getting up and running in 2021 with NSA (non-standalone) networks, which is a kind of hybrid tech that uses part of the current 4G network. It’s a pretty awesome step up from what we have now, but it’s just a tease of what’s to come. The full end-to-end 5G network, also known as standalone 5G, is just around the corner as well. 👀

If you need an upgrade in the near future, snagging a 5G phone means you’re pretty much future-proof for any super speedy 5G phone plans you’ll want to sign up for down the line. These phones have all the tech they need to get started on the new network. 

Choosing a non-5G phone means you’ll have to upgrade again before you can hop on the new network, which either puts you behind the 8-ball or forces you to upgrade earlier than you normally would. 

Be the first to experience the 5G network

Whether you’re future-proofing or just want to be an early adopter, getting a 5G phone now means you can tap into NSA 5G and also be the first to access Singapore’s fully fledged, true 5G network. ⚡️

Get ready to practice your cartoon villain laugh as your friends whinge about their downloads being slower than yours. 😈

With the right telco, 5G is a total game-changer

We talk a lot about how 5G technology is going to knock everyone’s flippers off, but we really mean it. It’s not just about loading your feeds faster or giving the dreaded buffering symbol the boot – those are just some neat bonuses. 

5G is going to open up completely new possibilities for the way we connect and communicate. Silky smooth download and upload speeds will mean seamless conference calls, stress-free streaming to social media and faster updates from your contacts all around the world. Because it impacts literally any information being sent over the internet via 5G networks, it’s even tipped to accelerate the adoption of smart driverless cars and help medical centres provide better care.  

No matter what information you’re trying to get from the internet to your phone, tablet or wearable, it will get to you faster than ever. 📲

There are big things ahead for the Circles.Life fam

As part of the Circles.Life crew, there’s always a stack of perks to sink your teeth into. Exclusive deals and discounts, regular giveaways and some of the swankiest mobile phone plans in Singapore – that’s all just the beginning.

There’s an exciting change coming soon to Circles.Life that’ll put you in the hot seat for 5G in Singapore. If you’re thinking of future-proofing by investing in a 5G phone, we have a feeling you’re gonna love it. 💜 

We’ll stick to being cryptic for now, so keep an eye out on our awesome combo plans and be the first to find out!

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