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Want The Apple Watch Series 7? We’ll Tell You If It’s Worth The Buy!

2nd December 2021
Apple Watch Series

At a glance, the new Apple Watch Series 7 looks bigger. But underneath that 45mm display (it also comes in 41mm), how much of an upgrade are we actually getting? 

Drop all that Googling because we’ve got the details right here 👇🏼


Dead to 80% in just 45 minutes

The Series 7 doesn’t last any longer than the Series 6 but it powers up 33% faster now with a standard USB-C charger. Still, the battery does a pretty good job – usually holding for up to a decent 18 hours. And if you’re getting an Apple Watch for its sleep tracker function, well, good news! All it takes is 8 minutes to get a full 8-hours of sleep data. 😴


Different chip. Same story.

The new Series 7 uses a new dual-core S7 System in Package (SiP). And although that sounds cool, it doesn’t seem to have significant improvements over the prior-generation S6 chip.

And just like the Series 6, the Series 7 also includes the U1 chip. It’s not really an upgrade from the previous Apple Watch, but you can expect a fairly accurate location and spatial awareness thanks to Apple’s Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radio tech.

Now bigger and a lot brighter

The Series 7’s display is probably the biggest thing going for it. Literally. The bigger screen – which is also now 70% brighter indoors – gives it an advantage over other smart watches as it’s way easier to change your settings and key in your passcode. Oh, and Apple Watch Series 7 is also the first to come with a QWERTY keyboard, mirroring the same experience you get from an iPhone. So with that new iPhone 13 Pro you got there, you’re in for a good treat.


Tough just got tougher  

The Series 6 didn’t break easily. But the Series 7 is not only water-resistant up to 50 meters, it’s also IP6X dust-resistance. With Apple being on the pricier-end on the smart watch spectrum in Singapore, it’s nice to know the rain or dust won’t get past that crack-resistant crystal screen. Bring this one on your next hike.

Comes in a rainbow of colors

If you like personalizing your Apple Watch, you’d be happy to know that the aluminum case comes in 5 different colors: the new Midnight, Starlight, Green and Blue that joins the (PRODUCT)RED from the Series 6. The premium stainless-steel models come in Silver, Graphite and Gold. And finally, the priciest titanium models are available in Gray Silver and Space Black.

But the most unexpected upgrade might be the Solo Loop Apple Watch Bands which allows you to slip on your watch like a bracelet.  And if you prefer buckle straps, you can still reuse your old Apple Watch band, they’re all compatible with the Series 7.

eSIM capability means you can leave the iPhone at home for awhile

Carrying light is always best, especially when you’re out exercising, roaming around in a new city or really just getting those urgent errands done. With eSIM embedded in the Apple Watch Series 7 (like its predecessors), this feature will be a relief to those who’d like to make calls, send texts and do a whole lot more with a sleek device on the wrist. Yeah, it isn’t a new feature, but we’re glad to have it anyway!


Final verdict: A decent addition to Apple’s repertoire

It might not be the flashiest upgrade but the new Apple Watch Series 7 is Apple’s most complete smart watch even though it borrows a lot from its predecessors. Beyond the Apple Watch Series 7 there are plenty more smart watches you can consider if this latest one isn’t up your alley. 

Why buy the Apple Watch Series 7 though?


Well, the Series 7 is similarly priced with the Series 6 when it first came out, making it a good deal for anyone who’s never owned an Apple Watch.

If you own an iPhone, then why not right? There are loads of cool features Apple has integrated over its devices. Think about the ability to unlock your iPhone with your smart watch, even with a face mask on (a super useful feature right now).

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