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Top 5 Battery Saving Apps for Android Phones in 2021

2nd August 2021

No matter how many great features we see crammed into the best Android phones, nothing feels quite as important as the battery. It’s the workhorse that powers you through the day, providing the muscle required to play your favorite games, stream the biggest movies and load all your feeds. After all, the most powerful Android phone in the world won’t do you much good if it can’t last long between charges. 

Battery sizes and software-level optimization are getting better every year, but there are still ways for you to get more mileage out of your Android phone. The Google Play Store has tons of battery-saving apps to help you make every percent count. Most phones do have a built-in power saving or ultra power saving mode, but you can go even further with one of the many battery saver apps for Android on the Google Play Store. 

What are the biggest battery drainers?


To make your batteries last as long as possible, it helps to know what’s draining them in the first place.

  • Display: Size, brightness, resolution and refresh rate all love to suck power from your phone. The bigger, brighter, crisper and smoother your display, the more power it needs to run. 
  • Bluetooth: Keeping Bluetooth on all the time drains your battery as your phone constantly searches for new devices to link up with. 
  • Wi-Fi and data: In the same vein, connecting to Wi-Fi or data networks naturally uses up power. Rather than cutting yourself off from the world, use WiFi where possible, turn data off at home and do the same for WiFi when you don’t have access to a network. You can also save big downloads for when the phone is charging. 
  • Camera: The camera needs to draw power from somewhere, so getting trigger-happy with the shutter button or recording long videos will use plenty of juice. 
  • Chipset: Your phone’s processor acts as its brain, performing functions and making sure all the different pieces talk to each other. Newer, faster and more efficient chips are better at minimizing energy consumption. 
  • Age and temperature: Batteries don’t work forever. They start to age and drain more quickly over time, and lose some efficiency in cold or hot environments. 
  • Apps and tasks: Every app and task you run on your Android phone makes a small demand for power, even if it’s just running in the background. 

Best Android battery saver apps 

Battery Guru 

Battery Guru is all about maintaining battery health by monitoring temperatures and alerting you when they get outside the recommended limits. It will also tell you when to stop charging to help preserve battery quality and offers a number of power-saving features to reduce drain. Download Battery Guru for free on the Google Play Store. 

Avira Optimizer

Avira is one of many IT security brands to move into mobile tools, and the Avira Optimizer is their catch-all solution for Android mobiles. It comes with a bunch of features like security features and memory cleanups, but one of its best features is the built-in battery optimizer with smart profiles to switch between and an optional premium upgrade for added customization. 

Kaspersky Battery Life

While we’re on the subject of IT security, why not mention this beauty? Kaspersky Battery Life is a popular Android battery saver that both monitors and extends your battery life. This app estimates how long your battery will last in its current state and identifies apps that are draining the most power from your phone. 

Dfndr Battery

Another viable battery saver for Android is Dfndr Battery, another app that acts as both a battery health monitor and a power saver. Open the app to check the estimated charge time remaining based on current usage, battery temperature and capacity and overall condition. You can customize specific profiles to activate based on time or location for next-level automation. 

GSam Battery Monitor

Few battery savers for Android get into as much detail as GSam Battery Monitor. The tool not only shows which apps are draining your battery, but also delves into CPU usage for advanced stats on component-level battery usage. You can even get your detective hat on and narrow power usage down to a specific timeframe – the perfect battery saver for hardcore users. 

Other ways to reduce battery drain

Downloading a battery saver for Android isn’t the only way to keep your phone powered as long as possible between charges. These simple hacks can help anyone reduce general battery drain or keep their phone going a little longer before getting to a charger:

  • Turn down screen brightness
  • Uninstall apps you don’t use
  • Make use of Wi-Fi networks (data is generally more power-hungry) 
  • Switch off Bluetooth, GPS and other connections when not in use
  • Avoid streaming, gaming and recording videos if you’re low on juice
  • Close apps running in the background
  • Switch off haptic feedback
  • Lower the time before the display auto-locks

What to do when you need to upgrade

Taking the above steps to save your phone battery can help keep it in good shape for the long haul, letting you use it for longer before needing an upgrade. But when the battery does finally kick the bucket and you need to upgrade, what do you do? 

Circles.Life offers a wide range of popular Android phones on no-contract combo plans, making it easy to choose a new phone with a beefy battery that lasts. Browse flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with its massive 5000mAh battery or check out more budget-friendly performers like the Galaxy A12.

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