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Tell Us How You Use Your Mobile Data & We’ll Reveal Which Phone Plan is the One for You

27th October 2021
Circles.Life Mobile Data

There are so many things we have in common with one another, but it’s our differences that make Singapore such a diverse and vibrant place. From the people we grew up with to our go-to cai png order, we each have our own quirks, tastes and traits – and we love it! 🙌

At Circles.Life, we just want everyone to sing their song. Don’t use your phone much and want a cheap, fuss-free deal? Awesome! Looking for the best unlimited data plan to feed your hunger for mobile data? We gotchu! 

There’s a phone plan for you no matter what kind of user you are, because no one is left behind in this family. 

Read on to find the perfect cell phone plan to meet your needs and budget based on how you use your mobile data. None of the personas quite fit your style? That’s cool too, because our SIM-only plans will still blow you away. Promise. 🤞


The one who binges like it’s going out of fashion


Netflix. Disney+. HBO Go. Amazon Prime. Apple TV+. It doesn’t matter where you get your fix, as long as you have 24/7 access to the most binge-worthy shows on the planet. From star-studded Kdramas on Viu to obscure shorts you dug up in the Objectifs Film Library, you could probably break the world record for the longest time without blinking (it’s 1 hour, 5 minutes and 11 seconds BTW 👀). 

Unlimited Data with Rollover is the best SIM-only deal to keep you streaming all day and night, with the option to bank up to 300GB in leftovers. Score big ALL the time! ⚡️

The one who always scrimps and saves


Your mates might call you stingy, but you know they’re just jealous of your bank balance. While they complain about being broke (despite wearing a fresh pair of Nikes), you admire your savings and consider investing in a forehead tattoo that says Get rich slow or get poor fast

But you’re too frugal for that anyway, so maybe skip the ink for now and choose the 20GB Smart Start instead. From just $18/month and no contract, it’s one of the best SIM-only plans in Singapore for penny pinchers. It has your name written all over it. 🤑

The one who loves unboxing shiny new things


What is it about getting a phone upgrade that’s so damn addictive? Is it the anticipation? The packaging? The satisfying schwup as you peel the protective layer off the display? Whatever it is, you just NEED to get your hands on that new release and no one is going to stop you. We know you hate signing a 2-year contract just to secure an upgrade, so choose a Combo Plan instead and scoop up the latest mobile phones contract-free! 🤩

The one who thinks life is better when shared


Sure, some people like to keep to themselves. That’s totally cool, but it’s not you. You think every color is brighter, every dish is tastier and every meme is funnier when shared. And with the friends and family you’ve got, why shouldn’t you? The good news is you can now share a SIM-only plan with your favorite sidekicks and enjoy awesome savings together. Just sign up for the Family Plan with 200GB shared data per month and never look back! 🤝

The one who hates spotty Wi-Fi with a passion


Even the calmest person in the world gets a little peeved when the Wi-Fi goes down. It’s practically human nature. But you? You go into full Hulk mode, exploding in a fit of rage that would make Bruce Banner blush. Hold the fury at bay and find your inner Zen with a cheap Data Only Plan, perfect for tablets, mobile hotspots or as a sneaky second line. No more Wi-Fi blues for you. 👌😌

You want it, we got it

Trust our family — we not only know what you need, but we also know how to give it to you. Flexibility to adjust plans per month, pay how much you can for your new phone, and so on. Yes, that’s what it means to give power back to the people. If you don’t know what we mean, just pick a plan above that best matches your needs, and you’ll see!


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