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Smartphone Frustrations all Gen Xers Can #Relate

13th July 2021

Us Gen Xers are called all sorts of things in the endless generational wars. The in-betweeners. The middle child. The forgotten generation. While boomers, zoomers and millennials are busy slinging mud at each other, we’re just chilling in the middle with some popcorn. 

Yep, we’re a unique and talented bunch. That’s why there are some smartphone frustrations only a Gen Xer would understand – or a Gen Xer at heart!

Feeling old for not bothering with digital wallets

Most mobile phones these days can double up as your credit card, letting you ditch the wallet and hit the road with just your phone. But no matter how many times we’re told features like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are safe and secure, you can’t help but feel more comfortable whipping out the familiar piece of plastic from your wallet. Our take? Cards are still cool and they’re the way to go. 

The nostalgia for physical buttons

The mobile phones you can buy in Singapore today are amazing. With massive displays stretching to every edge, it’s like those sci-fi movies we watched as kids have finally become a reality. But while we love new tech, we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit to some occasional nostalgia over the simplicity of actual buttons. Whether you were an expert at texting on an old Nokia keypad or you just like the familiar *click* as you hang up on a telemarketer, part of us definitely misses the good old days. 

Witnessing the slow death of calls and SMS

Remember the novelty of instant messaging and video calls over sites like MSN and Skype? That’s now the norm, with people more likely to say “just WhatsApp me” or “just Telegram me” than even consider sending an SMS. What happened to just punching in a mobile phone number and getting in touch with someone the normal way when one craves connection? *shrugs* 

Hearing other generations complain about their mobile phones

Being a Gen Xer means we remember what it was like to record songs off the radio and listen to the screech of dial-up internet, while also appreciating the amazing tech we use today. We feel like millennials and zoomers don’t understand how good they have it, while boomers can’t even figure out what “it” is. Phone out of battery? Big deal, recharge it. We’re still stoked that we can drive through Singapore without having to rely on Google Maps.

Watching mobile games slowly replace the classics

New smartphone games are cool with their handheld convenience, crazy graphics and online multiplayer, but nothing feels quite the same as cramming onto the sofa with your pals with four controllers for a late night of arcade gaming. We’ll have some fun with Fortnite or Candy Crush, but don’t even try to tell us they trump Atari and Nintendo classics like Pong, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. It’s not even close! 

We’re not the slowest to advance, though

We often get roasted about lagging behind current trends. But c’mon, when it comes to tech, we seriously can’t be beat. We can teach grandma how to use her new iPhone, but we also know how to enjoy a meal without uploading a dozen photos to Instagram. We grew up with pay phones and cassette tapes, but now we love stocking up with unlimited data to chat on FaceTime and stream tunes on Spotify. We know what a SIM-only plan is, and where to find the best phone deals in town. Now, who’s winning?

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