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Fighting over the remote. Raiding each other’s wardrobes. Laughing together at that made-for-TV movie that should never have made it through production. Family life sure has its ups and downs, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter how many times we feel like pulling our hair out, it’s the sharing that always brings us together.

The new no-contract Family Plan by Circles.Life is made for sharing with your family, whether you’re together by blood or by circumstance. It’s the best way to pool more data for less on a SIM-only plan in Singapore.

Share the good. share the bad. share data.

You’re in this life together, so why not save together? Enjoy all the benefits of joining a people-powered telco in Singapore, where freedom, value, and just keeping things fuss-free are the name of the game. The Family Plan is contract-free, so you’re free to join or leave any time. Yep, you read that right!

We’re putting nasty fine print and the never-ending lock-in contract straight in the trash where they belong. Anyone can join, whether you’re a current member of the Circles.Life family or just taking your first steps, and it’s easy to bring over your existing number.

How the family plan helps you save

Let’s take a step back and think Netflix for a second. You don’t share a household with five other people, and each fork out for a separate subscription. You’re smarter than that. You link up with your kids, parents, housemates, cousin’s dog, and whoever else under one subscription, with each of you getting your own account. It’s a no-brainer!

A Family Plan with Circles.Life is like your Netflix for data. Up to six accounts in one data-packed plan that’s cheaper for everyone in it. No strings attached. Sweet savings while barely lifting a finger? Sounds like an easy win to us.

200GB to use how you like

Data should be simple, like boiling an egg. That’s why the Family Plan gets straight to the yolk as an affordable data-only plan with bonus minutes and texts. Enjoy 200GB 4G data, 500 minutes Talktime and 200 SMSes – starting with 2 SIMs for just $50 per month. Add extra members for just $10 per SIM card, giving you more savings the more lines you have connected to the account.

The plan is bundled into one bill, which is sent to the primary account holder – which makes it perfect for parents who need one plan for the whole family or housemates who want to bundle a single telco into their shared bills. If you’re the head honcho, this means you only need to deal with one account and can manage the plan’s benefits on behalf of your tribe.

The Family Plan makes it easier than ever for young families, giving parents an easy way to monitor their child’s data usage (and cap it if necessary). You can even block access to specific websites to keep their browsing safe and secure.

Sharing is caring: start saving today

Sign up for your Family Plan and discover how sharing nurtures not only the soul, but also your bank account. Transferring numbers is a piece of cake: everyone who joins your plan can keep their existing number. Once you receive your welcome pack with every SIM, activate the primary SIM, and everyone else will be able to port their number over via our app.

That’s not all. We’re a telco in Singapore made by the people, for the people. This means we don’t just share your hunger for value – we also love the freedom to choose. You can cancel anytime, and if you ever need to top up your shared pool of data and talk time, just flick open the app and tell us what you need. You can also choose from a range of add-ons:

- +80GB 4G Data with rollover for $20
- Unlimited talk time for $10
- Roam Boost
- Super Roam

It’s just another awesome reason to be a part of the Circles.Life family. Check out our FAQs to find out more, or get in touch to chat with one of our helpful team members!





Published 2021-05-17

Written by Circles.Life


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