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Words mean precisely nothing when they aren’t backed up by actions. We could tell our bosses we’ll get this blog done by EOD as often as we like, but we all know we’ll end up getting distracted by K-dramas and memes and end up missing the deadline. Yep, even we can admit that empty promises are the pits. It’s part of the reason why Circles.Life was founded in the first place: like you, we were sick and tired of telcos in Singapore telling us one thing and doing another. All sizzle and no steak. 

Maybe we were chill putting up with lip service back when all we really needed was a phone that could make a call. But the world is changing and so are the people. Now, our lives are turning digital, and we’re more connected than ever before. We need to stay online anywhere and anytime, and empty promises from telcos just don’t cut it. 

That’s why we want to show you how we’re staying true to our word and giving power back to you on our mission to be the best telco in Singapore. 


Some of the best things in life are simple, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t mess up the basics. It started with ditching contracts, offering 99% islandwide 5G network coverage and letting you tweak your phone plan in-app whenever you please. Finally, a mobile plan that actually puts you in charge. 👑 

Then we added more perks, started our regular giveaways, made it easy to port your number and continued to brainstorm what we could do to make life easier for you. Our favourite part? You told us how!


When you roast your friend for stealing fries from your plate, they seem to get it. But then they go and do it again thirty seconds later. It’s enough to drive you mad, much like a telco refusing to take your feedback onboard. “We’ll pass that on,” they say – and never to be heard from again. 

We know it’s not enough to just listen to what you say: we need to take action as well. After all, we’re only here because of people like you. Some of our best ideas have come straight from the Circles.Life community through our social channels, app, community page, or direct feedback. We love to hear what you think of us, whether it be things we’re doing well with or ways we could be doing better. Take our app, for example. You told us what you wanted, so we decided to listen instead of blocking our ears. Now we have the #1 rated telco app experience in Singapore on iOS and Android. Go on, give yourself a pat on the back. 👏


We’d rather watch paint dry than deal with another telco that doesn’t care about its customers. Your experience is central to what we do, because we’ve been in the same boat ourselves. We’re always talking in-house about how we can make it easier for you to do anything from choosing the perfect SIM-only plan to porting your number from another telco. 

Getting help when you need it is important, too, so we made sure you can connect to live chat through the app in less than 30 seconds. And if something goes wrong, we’ve put a lot of effort into incident management, so problems are taken seriously and dealt with as quickly as possible. 


All the above doesn’t mean a whole lot if we can’t offer you great value plans and the freedom to choose. Our SIM-only plans and Combo Plans are among the cheapest mobile plans in Singapore and can be finetuned with the tap of a button in-app, making it easy for you to tailor them to your budget. Just choose 20GB or 100GB as your base and add whatever you need, whenever you need it – no contract period to worry about.

Circles.Life is also constantly evolving with exciting new products like our latest Family Plan, which you can use to share value with the family you choose (friends and housemates permitted 🤩). We’re always on the move, so keep in touch and find out what other new products we’re working on!





Published 2021-08-12

Written by Circles.Life


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