No 1% GST Hike Here: Smash Prices with Circles.Life at the Fragment Room


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Whoever said “eight is great” or “nine is fine” clearly hadn’t heard about the latest Singapore GST tax increase. The tax rate increased from 7% to 8% at the start of 2023. And if that wasn’t enough ‘fun’ for businesses and consumers across the country, authorities announced that the figure will hit 9% in 2024.

Yeah, we can’t wait either…

The GST Hike: It Isn’t All Doom & Gloom (Honestly)

The Goods and Services Tax increase is set to impact businesses and consumers. And it comes at a time when it seems that virtually every expense and overhead has increased.

Well, not quite every expense. Some companies are still trying to keep the customer’s best interests at heart. Here at Circles.Life, we’d like to think that our valued customers would agree that we always go the extra mile for them. After all, there are no corners to cut when you’re in the circle. Although…our latest initiative is one that we feel will impress our newest customers too.

We’re absorbing the 1% Singapore GST tax increase for our customers for this quarter until further notice. So, whatever price you would have paid for your data, devices, or other plans in 2022 is what you will continue to pay throughout the foreseeable future.

Sadly, we’re not able to stop your other expenses shooting up thanks to the Singapore GST tax increase. We also appreciate it’s not enough to prevent your financial situation looking a little bleaker than it did this time last year unless you’ve managed to gain a promotion or salary increase at work.

Still, we hope it will at least relieve some pressure. Not least because staying connected via digital technology now feels more important than ever before.

If the GST hike has got you down, you’re not alone. And while getting better value for money courtesy of initiatives like ours is a good starting point, we would highly recommend finding an additional outlet to release the tension and brighten your mood. It certainly helped us…

The Fragment Room Media Release

Our commitment to absorbing the 1% Singapore GST tax increase is extended to all customers across all plans. We empathise with how stressful the current and future increase has been for everyone, not least because we’re feeling the financial pressure ourselves.

Frankly, the team needed an outlet to unleash our stress and help some of our creator friends and valued customers to do the same. That’s why we recently booked out The Fragment Room to vent out our frustrations in a symbolic gesture of smashing unreasonable prices.

Will it make a difference to the Singapore GST tax increase or even encourage other businesses to follow in our footsteps by absorbing the additional costs for the consumer? Probably not. But it did make us feel pretty good about ourselves.

We hired out the Fragment Room facility to host our “Smash, Bash, & Crash Hangout” on 27 January, where we spent a truly unforgettable evening smashing bottles and other items in a plethora of ways, ranging from the standard throwing them against a wall to using makeshift bats, hammers, and more. (Psst… the trash was disposed of in a responsible manner.)

Of course, the night wasn’t just about smashing items. We used the event to enjoy a few drinks and gain further insight about what our customers want. Support with courtesy of the tax increase absorption was one that they believed would make a difference for many and underlines our commitment to actually listening to what people need. It’s just a shame far too many others don’t feel the need to do it too.

We had so much fun, though, that we recorded the evening’s events for you to see. Check out the video below:

Smash Prices Down With Circle.Life

It’s a shame that we couldn’t invite everyone down to the Smash, Bash, & Crash Hangout. Thankfully, we can invite you all to enjoy our initiative to swallow up the extra costs you would have faced as a result of the 1% Singapore GST tax increase.

If you want to learn more about our commitment to all of our customers, get in touch with our friendly experts today.

Note: A 8% GST charge will be applicable on all 5G Starter & 5G Premium plans billed from 1st May 2023 onwards, find out more here





Published 2023-02-22

Written by Circles.Life


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