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Moving To Data-Only Plans in Singapore | Yea or Nay?

5th July 2021

Data is kind of a thing over here at Circles.Life. We live it, we breathe it, we eat it for breakfast. It’s a force of habit after surviving the horror years of 100-megabyte monthly data plans with a lock-in contract – a few Google searches and *poof* it’s all gone. Now we sink our teeth into everything we can get our hands on, like the Unlimited Data Plan with rollover. Tasty!

The growing hunger for data, along with our collective love of tablets, has made a strong case for data-only plans that pack serious value without unneeded calls and texts. But how can you decide whether to make the switch or stick with a standard mobile plan? 

The benefits of a data-only SIM plan 

Hotspot your phone for portable WiFI 

Hotspotting is a great way to share data on the go, whether you’re linking your phone with your laptop or letting a friend piggyback your network. But even if you have heaps of data, frequent hotspotting can start eating into the data you’d usually use for browsing, streaming, downloading and gaming on your phone. A dedicated data-only SIM plan gives you full peace of mind to use your phone as a portable WiFi connection, ideal for people who want to use their laptop on the go without bothering with a separate dongle.

Using a data-only second line 

More and more people are beginning to discover the perks of running with a dual SIM. Even though it’s easy to transfer your number to Circles.Life on your primary SIM, some people are still stuck in contract with another telco or have a work line that can’t yet be switched. If your phone is unlocked and supports dual SIM, you can use a data-only SIM as your second line and take advantage of amazing deals that keep you connected. You can even get wider coverage, more flexibility overseas and extra data for hotspotting when your WiFi drops out.

Perfect for tablets

For tablets that support a SIM card, getting a mobile plan is the best way to enjoy the tablet without relying as heavily on WiFi networks. Most of us already have a phone with a SIM card, which means you don’t need a number attached to the tablet – or any calls and texts, for that matter. This makes a data-only plan perfect for tablets: it gives you everything you need without the stuff you don’t, all at a great monthly price. 

Choosing what’s right for you

Data-only plans are here to stay, but it ultimately comes down to what you need. If you use a tablet, want to start using dual SIM or need a hotspot on the reg, an unlimited data-only plan could be exactly what you need. On the other hand, those who need a new primary SIM attached to a phone number they can use to make and receive calls and texts, even to use for two-factor authentication, should opt for a mobile plan with these inclusions.

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