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Money Hacks: How Much Can You Really Save With a SIM-Only Plan in Singapore?

12th August 2021

Stocking the kitchen with instant maggie. Doing a year’s worth of shopping during a 24-hour sale. Never booking a table at a restaurant without scouring Eatigo for deals. Yep, you’ll find no shortage of Singaporeans who love to scrimp and save no matter how healthy the savings are looking. So why is it that by the end of the month, our bank statement is still a complete dumpster fire? 😭

Let’s be real for a second. There are some expenses we love to ignore, like the two-hour full body massage that helps us recover after a week of OT-ing. 💆 We’re willing to bet your phone bill is one of them. That prepaid SIM or mobile phone plan you signed up for way back in who-knows-when? If you’re not being overcharged, we’ll do a handstand on the Guoco Tower. 

It’s time you snatch the low-hanging fruit and start saving every month with the best SIM-only plan in Singapore. Let’s see how much you can save, shall we? 

What is a SIM-only plan?

A SIM-only plan is a mobile phone plan that comes with just the SIM card. It’s great for anyone who is on a budget, needs a plan but already owns a phone, or wants to buy a phone upfront from somewhere else. 

Mobile phone plans that do come with a new phone include an extra charge each month for the handset. Sometimes it’s advertised, sometimes it’s hidden. SIM-only plans don’t include this extra charge, which means you pay much less per month without cutting down on data or any other good stuff. 

SIM-only plans are also usually contract-free (always contract-free with Circles.Life!), which means you can cancel or change them whenever you need to. Say goodbye to plans that lock you in for 12 or 24 months!

Comparing SIM-only plan against traditional phone plans in Singapore

Let’s take a look at some of the deals on offer and see if we can help you power up with the cheapest SIM-only plan in Singapore, assuming you’re keeping your existing number. We’ve compared the Circles.Life Smart Start SIM-only plan with standard phone contracts that come with a new handset from other telcos in Singapore, accurate at time of writing. (Psst, we had to use different names so they wouldn’t get angry at us. 🤐)

Circles.Life Smart Start Plan Telco X Telco Y Telco Z
Price per month $18 From $50.95 From $50 From $65
Contract period No contract 2 years 2 years 2 years
Data 20GB 20GB  10GB 30GB 

We know, we aren’t comparing apples to apples here. But based on the above, you can save at least $768 over 24 months by keeping your phone and going for a Smart Start SIM-only plan. 🤯

Why a SIM-only plan is an absolute no-brainer 

If you don’t need a new phone, switching to a SIM-only plan can literally save you hundreds of dollars. But that’s not the only reason to make the switch. Circles.Life SIM-only plans in Singapore offer a stack of benefits that you can get access to right away: 

No contracts 🚫📃

One of our first acts was to put contracts straight in the bin where they belong. You can sign up without tying yourself down for a year or two, with the freedom to chop and change your plan as you need. Sweet! 

More control 🕹

Need an add-on? Want to check your usage? Have a question for our support team? Jump into the app and do everything you need in a few quick taps. Too easy. 

Value for money 🤑

We want you to get more bang for your buck – and not just on your monthly bill. Boosters and add-ons are cheap as chips and it’s easy to earn free rewards and upgrades as a member of our community. 

Transparent billing 🔎

How annoying are sneaky fees and charges? Pretty sure we’re all sian of them already. With Circles.Life SIM-only plan, what you see is what you get. Simple pricing, no ‘gotchas’ and a clear breakdown on your bill. 

Easy number transfer 📲

We’ve made porting your number easy, so there’s no excuse for paying more than you should on your current plan. A few clicks online, and you’re sorted. We do the rest, and we do them quickly! 

Start saving in just a few clicks 

We already put out the snacks and drinks for your welcome party, so don’t keep us waiting! Sign up for 20GB Smart Start, then fine-tune your SIM-only plan in the app whenever you need to. Feel like sharing the love? Try our new Family Plan (even with your mates, we aren’t DNA testing here) and save more with every SIM card you add. Now that’s something to celebrate. 🥂

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