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Mobile Data Plans: This is How Much Data You Really Need Based on Your Personality

30th July 2021

Take a back seat, calls and SMS: data is now the single most important thing on any mobile plan in Singapore. Text messages have moved to apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat, along with most of our voice and video calls. When you throw in all the scrolling, swiping and streaming we do on our phones, it’s no wonder we chew through more data than ever before. 

Even if you’re new to Circles.Life, you’ll have already realized we talk a lot about data. Like, a lot. We’ve worked hard to make mobile data plans affordable and accessible, not some mythical creature locked behind the dreaded 24-month contract. Our first step was to put together the best unlimited data plan Singapore has ever seen, with better benefits and no contracts in sight. Our second is to make things as transparent as possible by helping you figure out how much data you actually need to get through the month unscathed. 

The basics of mobile data

If reading anything about technology feels like translating hieroglyphics, this one’s for you. Data is measured in bytes: teeny tiny digital pieces that carry information back and forth over the internet. It’s simply a unit of measurement, much like a gram or a milliliter. One thousand bytes equals a kilobyte, one thousand kilobytes is a megabyte, and one thousand megabytes is a gigabyte. We mostly talk in gigabytes around here, since our monthly plans start from 20GB of data per month

How much data do I need per month? 

It can be tricky to figure out your data needs since it varies wildly from person to person. Simple things like Google searches will barely leave a mark on your data pool, while streaming HD movies can cut through it in record time. Here’s a quick, rough guide to some popular apps and how much data they use: 

Netflix and YouTube: 0.3 to 7GB per hour (a little under 1GB per hour for medium quality)
Spotify: 0.05 to 0.15GB per hour
Instagram: 0.05 to 0.15GB per hour

To put this into context, check out the following types of data users and see which one best describes you. 

The 4 types of data users 

The frugal one

You don’t think too much about your data plan. You check social media every now and then, do a few Google searches and check the news once every day or two. You’re not a big gamer or streamer, but you do watch the occasional video that you get sent from friends or family. You probably use the internet on your phone for around an hour per day. 

Sound like you? Check out our 20GB Smart Start plan or a data-only plan for tablets. 

The balanced one

You use the internet a decent amount, but you don’t live on it. You use data on most days to check your email, have a good scroll through your socials, watch a few videos and stream an hour or so of music. You don’t download a huge amount, but you do get a new game or app every now and then. You probably use the internet for a couple of hours per day.

Sound like you? Check out our 20GB Smart Start plan or a data-only plan for tablets. 

The data-hungry one

You worry a lot less about switching to Wi-Fi and have your data connection active almost all the time. You spend a while looking through photos and videos online every day, along with an episode or two of your favorite show if you have time. You also rely on your mobile data plan for work, whether it’s to keep in contact with colleagues or stay on top of your inbox. You check your phone regularly for updates. 

Sound like you? Check out our unlimited data plan with rollover

The unstoppable one

You fall asleep looking at your phone screen and wake up the same way. YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and socials all take up hours of your day – you churn through any content you can get your hands on. You’re always grinding away at your job, sending emails back and forth with loads of attachments and downloading new games when you have some downtime. You live for unlimited data plans

Sound like you? Check out our unlimited data plan with rollover

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