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We can’t live without the internet these days as we need to be constantly connected, 24/7, for work, study, and to randomly watch funny cat videos. Too much that we often run out of data before the end of the data cycle. Oh, the horror 🙁

So in this article, let’s explore ways on how you can get the best of your data and maximize data plans with Circles.Life, as we offer various plans you can use based on your needs and budgets, such as Unlimited Data Plan, Family Plan, and Customizable Plan. Plus, various rewards and offers from sponsors and our partners.

Circles.Life can be used on various devices and phones. Especially ones that are popular in Singapore, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone, Oppo, and Huawei!


For the Unlimited Data plan, Circles.Life offers a Monthly and Daily plan. The Monthly plan offers you a 100 GB per month plan for SGD 20, similarly a 100 GB per month data is offered on $3 Unlimited Pass with price as low as SGD 3 per day.

To save up on these plans, there are a few tricks we’ll let you in on.

For the monthly plan, you only need to activate it once and if you don’t finish your 100 GB quota by the end of the data cycle, it will be added to the next month’s quota (we dare you to try and finish 100 GB in a month. It’s harder than it sounds!). Once the 100 GB runs out, your device will run on the managed speed of 0.75mbps until next month.

On the Daily Plan, your data is active from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM the same day. It means the earlier you activate, the more time you have to enjoy the plan. The 100 GB quota applies as well, if you hit 100 GB before the end of the month, your device will run at 0.75mbps.

Turn off your plan whenever you can access wi-fi with your devices. That way, you’ll have an extra quota for next month.


Know any other telco that rewards you the longer you stay with them? Circles.Life rewards customers from Day 1 with Quests, a new rewards platform that – you guessed it – allows you to complete quests and win rewards like bill waivers and data bonuses. Look out for mystery quests, which call for you to solve a puzzle, with clues scattered all over social media (pro tip: give us a follow, why don’t you).

We’re also working and cooking up many more programs with our partners where you can take advantage of the discounts and offers from us. Simply go to the Shop tab > Offers and you will find various recent partner promotions.


From your 9 year old niece to your beloved grandma, everyone uses a smartphone these days. And so, it makes a lot of sense for you to get a Family Plan to save up your family’s data costs. With Circles.Life Family Plan, you can have up to six numbers of any device, all under one bill. It offers 300 GB of data, 500 mins of phone call, 200 SMS, and a free caller ID.

The smallest family plan is for two people, and the starting price is SGD 25 per person. Family Plan’s price per person will be cheaper as more family members join the plan. And it can get as low as SGD 15 per person for up to six family members. And hey, who are we to tell you who’s family? That’s totally for you to decide.


This might sound like a rare occasion, but sometimes it happens. You save up your data plan and end up with more data than you can use. Now what?

Well, now you can optimize your apps to enjoy the best experience as you stream movies, music and browse to the best quality. Let’s check out the tricks to truly maximize all that data you got!


Go to the Settings, under the Set Cellular Data Usage option, turn off Automatic and set it to Maximum Data. For the best streaming experience at Netflix, set the video quality to high.


Set the audio quality in Settings to Very High, and the Downloads option to Very High as well. Now you can have your audio experience with a quality comparable to a live concert.


Go to Settings, untick the option “Play HD on wi-fi only”. Make your download and upload quality on 1080p and untick the “Download over Wi-fi only” and “Upload over wi-fi only” option.

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Published 2022-07-03

Written by Circles.Life


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