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Netflix has also started to capitalise more on this genre and has produced a lot more shows in this genre.

Let’s just say while there’s some fun ones, there’s some serious ones as well.

I have been watching quite a few of such series over the past months, and here’s 5 shows that you can probably get started and finish quickly because they only have one season to watch in case you don’t want to sink too much time into it.

Here goes nothing!


Imagine competing in a world-wide competition where the best chefs in teams all over the world fight it out to be the ultimate winner.

We’re talking about 12 top tier teams that feature chefs from award winning restaurants and Michelin star restaurants.

Every episode the teams have to cook a different cuisine, and the bottom 3 teams will cook again. In the second cookoff, the 3rd place team will be eliminated.

Let’s just say this series is very exciting as you can see how the chefs innovate and overcome the challenges that they face in front of them, especially when they have not cooked the cuisine before in their life.

If you’re in this line of work as a chef, then I would say this series would give you a lot of inspiration on how to improve your craft as well.


Let’s turn down the intensity with a more fun and casual food show.

As the name of the series implies, the show is all about how the contestants turn leftover ingredients from the fridge into an entirely brand new dish.

Every episode, 3 contestants will cook for a cash prize of $10,000 over 2 rounds.

In the first round, contestants are given the same set of ingredients and they need to turn it into a different dish based on the requirements given (eg. A breakfast dish, supper dish, milkshake, etc). They are judged on how many leftovers are used.

In the second round, they’re given different ingredients which are not revealed to them until they start cooking. They have to turn these leftovers to a fine dining dish so they are judged on both plating and the food itself.

At the end of both rounds, the judges would deliberate how each contestant did in each round and come up with a final winner who would walk away with the cash prize of $10,000.

This is pretty much a fun, light hearted show that is easy to watch in my opinion. Also, it really shows the creativity of how people can turn leftover ingredients in their fridge into something entirely brand new.


This is another reality show that uses your mouth, but not to eat this time round!

6 contestants duke it out to be the ultimate champion and bring home a huge cash prize. They’re judged on how accurate they sing each song according to their tone.

If you’ve played games like Rockband, We sing, Singstar, or Let’s sing; the concept is very similar to pitch matching, just that you don’t get to see the bars you’re singing.

The interesting concept about this show is the cash prize is based on how accurate every contestant is throughout all the songs in that particular episode. The better the collective sings, the higher the final cash prize will be.

And because of that, contestants get to choose who to vote off ‘survivor-style’ based on how badly they think a fellow contestant did (because only the emcee knows who did the worse or the best!)

Or they can choose to vote off who they think would be the biggest threat that could beat them in the finals as well.

Ultimately, there can only be one winner who takes home the entire cash prize.

Every episode has a different theme such as love songs or movie night, so you’ll see a wide variety of songs over the episodes.

And you can sing along too if you’re up for it!


Remember when you were young and were jumping across your furniture pretending the floor is lava?

This game show is exactly that!

Teams of 3 people attempt to cross and navigate obstacles to go from the entrance to exit in the fastest time in order to win a big cash prize.

If any contestant touches the lava, then they’ll be eliminated and have to rely on the remaining team mates to complete the challenge.

The interesting thing is that there are multiple paths that contestants can take in order to win, and there is no one correct way to navigate the obstacles.

With 3 teams competing every episode, they will attempt to tackle the same set of obstacles. The team with the most people who makes it across will bring home the cash prize of $10,000.

Of course in an event of a tie, then it goes down to the fastest time so teams have to move quickly as well!

This show reminds me of ninja warriors a lot because of the obstacles.

It’s also funny to see the contestants try everything to go from one obstacle to the next, and how some of them just get eliminated very quickly after starting.

All in all, a very fun show to watch and to laugh it off as well.


This game shoe is interesting because for one the cash prize is one million dollars which is pretty insane!

The premise of the show starts very simple: The contestants start out the game show counting quarters for 24 hours before the actual show begins.

Which also means that they start out very sleep deprived.

As the game show starts, the contestants go through a series of challenges that are even more difficult as they are sleep deprived. One of such challenges include threading needles.

The winner of each challenge gets a guaranteed spot to the next round, while the losers get to move on to this thing called ‘The Buyout’.

Before the results of the round are released, the contestants are offered a cash prize if they choose to immediately forfeit their spot in the competition. In return, they get a guaranteed sum of up to $10,000 depending on how far they got in the competition.

If no one takes the Buyout, then the loser will leave empty handed.

The stakes of the competition get higher and higher, and doesn’t end when there is only one contestant left. I’ll leave it to you to find out what happens 😂


Personally I don’t like competition shows that are too drama heavy recently, so these bite-sized shows are perfect for me.

Most of them are quite fun as well except for The Final Table which is quite serious.

I would say Netflix has a lot more of such competitive shows, like The Circle, which just premiered season 2 not too long back.

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In any case until my next Netflix recommendations article, just continue to Netflix and Chill.

I know I am 😎





Published 2021-07-19

Written by Circles.Life



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