The iPhone 14 is finally here. Is it a game changer?


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Some things don’t need any introduction, isn’t it?

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Let’s dive right into what the iPhone 14 is all about.

Bigger, stronger, longer-lasting

The biggest and strongest survive, and so it proved with this year's iPhones.

After customer demand for the past two years, the iPhone Mini has undergone a growth spurt into the iPhone Plus, with Apple hoping for a similar upsize in its sales figures.

Here’s how the league of biggies measure up:

  • iPhone 14 (6.1”/155mm)
  • iPhone 14 Plus (6.7”/170mm)
  • iPhone 14 Pro (6.1”)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7”)

The iPhone 14 has bulked up in other ways too. The A16 Bionic chip is like last year’s A15, an elite sportsman, but now on steroids. It is the iPhone’s fastest processor yet, with a 10% to 20% improvement on the A15, and capable of powering more and faster applications simultaneously.

Although the A16 is only available with the Pro and Pro Max, the standard models also get a performance boost with the A15. The four-core GPU is now five, which means those gaming graphics are gonna dazzle even more.

And with electricity prices heading north nowadays, we’re thankful for Apple doing its bit to help with the bills indirectly. The iPhone 14’s “all-day battery life” sounds rather vague. But in terms of, say, video playback, it endures one to ten hours longer than the iPhone 13.

Definitely not to be sniffed at, especially when the processors are also more energy-efficient.

It’s a good thing we’ve got Unlimited Data as part of our Phone Combo Plans, so you can create, capture and play to your heart’s content.

Your smile’s gonna be four times wider

Because why waste the quadrupling of megapixels? Apple has finally upgraded its rear camera with a bang, from 12MP to 48MP for the wide-angle lens of the Pro models.

What’s cooler, we think, is the flexibility you get between sharpness and brightness. In the default mode, the massive Type 1/1.28, quad-pixel sensor combines the pixels in a 4:1 ratio, creating a larger receptacle for better light capture. You’d still get a 12MP photo, but those sparkly white teeth of yours would shine even more with 4x brightness.

On the other hand, the ProRAW mode provides the full 48MP sharpness, capturing your beautiful skin in all its micro-finery.

And keep that megawatt smile on even with the regular model. Its rear camera may still be at only 12MP, but this now comes with a larger and faster aperture which can boost low-light shots by almost 50 percent. Plus a front cam that now comes with autofocus. Not too shabby either yeah?

Speaking of low-light conditions, there’s also the new Photonic Engine working its magic for both Pro and non-Pro. It’s basically an advanced image processing technology that jazzes up your picts even more, for texture, colour, noise and the like.

Probably the most techie island ever

Imagine an island that shape-shifts or morphs, from a rectangular land this instant to a squarish one the next? Sounds like a flight of fancy from a sci-fi producer or cartoonist.

Trust a company like Apple to make it a reality. Well, sort of.

The “Dynamic Island” succeeds the notch for the Pro and Pro Max, and is as fluid as it sounds. Many of us expected the pill-shaped cutout to be just a static dead space housing the front sensors and cameras. But Apple has quite literally made it come alive, by using software to turn the cutout into a part of the interface.

Based on what’s on the display and the apps running, the Dynamic Island can change into different shapes and sizes. This allows you to view and interact directly for things such as incoming calls, alerts, notifications, music streaming and even map navigation. For instance, when using Apple Pay, it turns into a square shape to match the Face ID confirmation interface.

To achieve this, Apple had to put on their best techie hats, such as hiding the proximity sensor below the screen and tinkering with the size of the TrueDepth camera system.

It may not be the true-blue full-screen experience yet. But this is still helluva more screen-realistic than previous versions.

Always there for you, baby

An honorary mention goes to the Always-On feature, the first for an iPhone. Like the Apple Watch, you can now see the time, widgets and live activities on the screen, even when it’s turned off and the phone is locked.

And yes, you have to open your wallet wider for this extra bit of convenience - Always-On is only there for the Pro and Pro Max.


Very often, an iPhone can look and feel less like an everyday handset, but some surreal, space-age invention teleported from another futuristic planet.

The iPhone 14 is certainly a solid leap into the future. From subtle tweaks to bold game changers, Apple continues to flaunt its unique blend of style and substance that has hooked us for so many years.

This year sees a larger delta between the Pro and non-Pro, as Pro becomes that much more feature-rich. Even if you do not want to spend on the extra bells and whistles, the standard model is still a head-turner.

This means you need an equally show-stopping telco to boot, with none other than Circles.Life. It’s just better when you get your iPhone 14 with us: Get free Unlimited Data, discount vouchers, free delivery and more. All that with zero contracts, and zero fuss.

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