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How To Save More And Get Rewarded With Circles.Life

28th July 2021

Circles.Life has been stepping up their game in providing more rewards and value to its users with its base plan.

Gotta get more value!

In the last 2 years, there have been a lot of changes and new offers that Circles.Life has been rolling out to all its users. It may be hard to keep track of everything, so here’s a quick article on the latest promo and how to keep track of the latest promotions so you can get rewarded more!

Note: Some features may not be available to you yet as Circles.Life rolls out some features to its earlier existing users. If you are new to the network, you may not have all these promotions available to you as stated below.

Circles Quest 

This feature was rolled out to users last year to give users a chance to win some extra goodies every month.

Rewards can range from data, bill waivers, unlimited talktime, unlimited data and more. Sometimes, there’s real life rewards such as vouchers or prizes as well.

These tasks are very simple usually which could involve visiting a certain page or just opening up the Circles Quest page.

Once your task is completed, you can click in to ‘spin the wheel’ where you have a chance to win one of the prizes.

In order to access this feature, click the area highlighted with the box to access this feature and get some free stuff on top of your plan.

If you are subscribed to any unlimited plans and win a feature through the spin, it’ll just extend your unlimited plan to the next month.

Anniversary Bonuses

This feature is a more recent one where Circles.Life is rewarding its existing users with free data, talk time and more.

Generally, the longer you stay, the better the benefits you can get for your plan as well. As you can see below, I’m closing in on my 60 months with Circles.Life to get a $120 off phone voucher!

One thing is that the rewards get better as you stay on with Circles.Life, which also includes things like having unlimited data for free for a few months, and even a +10 GB data forever on your plan.

You can access the anniversary bonuses by clicking the area highlighted by the box. You’ll need to go in and manually activate the bonuses as well.

Get up to date with the latest offers

Circles.Life has been partnering up with a lot of brands to bring some exclusive promotions that you can take advantage of too.

As of writing this article, the paid promotions are:

  1. Circles.Life x AIG: Personal accident plan (Yearly payment)
  2. Circles.Life x AXA: Personal accident plan (Monthly payment)
  3. Circles.Life x ViewQwest: Internet & Router plans (Monthly payment)

There are 2 free promotions now:

  1. Circles.Life x AIG: Covid-19 Vaccine Hospitalisation cover
  2. Circles.Life x TIDAL: 3 Months Access to Tidal HiFi

These promotions changes regularly, so keep note of the latest promotions through the emails sent by Circles.Life.

I would say take advantage of the Free Covid-19 Vaccine Hospitalisation cover since it’s free. It’s as easy as clicking one button to take advantage of it immediately.

Sign up for #TeamCircles

It’s a rather new thing now but Circles.Life has recently launched #TeamCircles. This is an all new community platform to discuss all things Circles.Life from ideas to concerns.

There’s quite a few promotions happening at the moment in conjunction with the launch of #TeamCircles, and there will definitely be more upcoming promotions and rewards especially for existing users so make sure to sign up for a free account to join the conversation there!

Click here in order to access the #TeamCircles Page

Referral Bonuses

I think one of the biggest ways to get rewarded if you’re referring friends to the network.

Circles.Life probably has the most generous referral program so far, with 3 months unlimited data per referral. For the first referral, you’ll get 12 months unlimited data (which is worth $240!)

Not only that, your friend gets 3 months on sign up plus $38 registration fee off as well. So that’s really a win-win situation.

From time to time, these bonuses are even boosted. Past promotions include 6 months unlimited data, lucky draw prizes to win big ticket items from Prism+ and even staycation packages.

Personally, convince a friend to join Circles.Life to get the first referral bonus because it’s the unlimited data is really worth it!


Personally I think Circles.Life has spent quite a lot in order to bring more value to the existing users.

While some may argue on things like pricing, let’s also not forget the days when our mobile plans were at least $40 to $50 and we were locked to only 3-4 GB of data.

With the launch of #TeamCircles too, it’s another place where existing customers can come together to collaborate on new ideas or even voice their frustrations so that Circles.Life can improve according to what the people want.

I’ll be excited to see what’s upcoming up in the coming year and next especially to bring more value to existing users.

In case if you already haven’t signed up for an account with #TeamCircles page, make sure to click here to do so. It’s free anyway! 😆

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