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How to Choose the Right Corporate SIM only Plan in Singapore

30th July 2021

Looking for the best SIM-only plan for your business in Singapore can feel a bit like entering a minefield. You know that it’s important to have a reliable phone plan with all the inclusions you and your staff need to stay productive, but you also want to keep an eye on your costs before they get out of hand. Thankfully, getting an affordable corporate phone plan is very much achievable if you know where to start. Let’s check out what you need to think about in order to find the right phone plan for your company. 

Weigh up your options: SIM only or Combo Plan?


First, you’ll need to choose between your two main options: a SIM only plan or a Combo Plan with a phone included. The biggest benefit of opting for a SIM only plan is the cost savings, since you aren’t putting anything towards a new phone for each of your staff. All you pay for is the calls, texts and data you need – nothing more, nothing less. SIM only plans are also easy to manage, since staff can simply pop the SIM card in their personal phone that they are already responsible for. 

Choosing a Combo Plan does bring up the cost and add a little extra management, but the trade-off could be worth it. Giving staff a new work phone not only ensures they have a suitable mobile phone to stay productive, but also acts as a perk to entice new recruits.  

Consider the Corporate Individual Scheme 

The Circles.Life Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) in Singapore is a great opportunity for businesses to take advantage of sneaky benefits we only dish out to hardworking folks. If your company is part of our CIS program, your employees can sign up for CIS plans directly by keying in their corporate email address, giving them more data and talk time while taking the extra legwork away from you. If you need something a little more tailored to your unique needs, chat with us about our business solutions

Work out what inclusions you need

The best SIM only plan for corporations varies greatly based on the needs of your business. If your staff is always driving sales on the phone, talk time will no doubt be a priority in any corporate phone plan you choose. For teams that spend a lot of time spitballing ideas on instant messaging, collaborating on spreadsheets and sharing content online, plenty of data is a must. 

Instead of just picking any SIM only plan for your staff, take the time to think about the inclusions you need the most. There are loads packed into every Circles.Life plan to start with, but you can also choose from a range of add-ons like international roaming and unlimited data. 

Why you should partner with Circles.Life


Sorting out a corporate phone plan isn’t something you want to spend time worrying about, and we get that. Hundreds of companies have partnered with us to enjoy some of the cheapest mobile plans in Singapore from the most recommended telco, with super-fast 4G video speeds and 99% islandwide network coverage. We’ve also made it extremely hassle-free to port numbers online, a perk that has helped us become rated the #1 easiest telco to use and switch to.

Ultimately, we just want you to get great value with everything you need on a corporate SIM only plan that fits your budget. Talk time, data and roaming – you name it. Our CIS plans are the perfect way to reap the benefits for working professionals, but we can always tailor a solution from the ground up to help you get the best possible result.

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