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Here’s Why You Should Drop In A Few More Dollars for a 5G-Compatible Phone

23rd November 2021

Most flagship mobile phones released today already come with 5G support. But what exactly is it, and why should you spend the extra money on getting a 5G phone? 🤔

Without getting too technical, 5G is the same technology mobile networks in Singapore use, but better. Improved coverage means faster speeds and limitless network experiences. That’s how the best telcos in Singapore are able to give you amazing benefits like an unlimited data plan.

To get those benefits, however, you need 2 things. A 5G plan and 5G mobile phone (and if you’re wondering, Circles.Life has both). We’ve talked about whether 5G is right for you before. But if you’re still skeptical, these reasons are enough for you to go all-in on this new and exciting tech.


Singapore is already gearing up for 5G

5G technology is slowly becoming the norm. Singapore is already moving towards 5G with plans to have a full transition by 2025. Despite that, you can already enjoy the benefits of 5G. The NSA (non-standalone) network we’re using now is a hybrid system that allows for both 4G and 5G. But of course, it’s the 5G users that get the most out of it. 😁


You can probably get a 5G mobile phone down the street

Getting a 5G mobile phone has never been easier. The flagship phones from companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi already have 5G support built into them. That means you can future-proof yourself today with a 5G mobile phone since the new wireless standard is expected to be around for most of the next decade. Our cheat sheet to the best 5G phones in the market will have you sorted if you’re unsure what to start with!


5G is so good, you’d never want to go back

You can tell the difference between 4G and 5G almost immediately when it comes to download speeds. How fast? We’re talking about 100x faster than 4G!


And it’s not just speed. With greater bandwidth, 5G is expected to bring a more stable network which means you can stream videos, make video calls and play games without any glitches or latency. With a full 5G rollout, you’d be able to save time so you can do the things that really matter to you.

5G is not only faster, it’s also safer

You already know how you can protect yourself from Wi-Fi hackers. It’s easy to connect to Public Wi-Fi at your favorite mall, but it’s also one of the ways a hacker can access your information. With a fast and stable network like 5G, it makes way more sense to stick to a mobile hotspot or an unlimited data plan. That way, nobody will be able to snoop through your mobile phone. 🔐


Setup your 5G mobile plan in the next 5 minutes

5G gives you so much control, it’s only right you get a mobile plan that does the same. The Circles.Life’s 5G Start gives you all the perks you’d expect in a 5G mobile plan. From lightning-fast network speeds to islandwide coverage, you’d be able to enjoy all the benefits of 5G without the hassle of a conventional telco.

Our data plans are all customizable so you can subscribe on your own terms. And we don’t roll with contracts! If you find 5G NSA isn’t for you, you can drop it anytime. No strings attached. If all that sounds great to you, sign up now and be an early adopter in 5G technology (and show off a little, maybe?)


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