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Stream, scroll, share, game, binge. We all love data to the moon and back, but what’s the secret to choosing the right phone plan without blowing your budget? If you have a gazillion dollars, you can just throw money at the problem and not care about being ripped off. But most of us hard-working folks need to stay savvy so we can still afford our daily dose of kopi

We feel you on this one, but with the new Circles.Life Family Plan, you’ll never worry about data again. With 200GB shared data from just $15/month per SIM, we’re starting to think the higher-ups forgot to add an extra zero on the price tag. 🧐


Here’s the sitch. The Circles.Life Family Plan is a SIM-only plan that you can share with up to 5 other people. Parents, kids, housemates, workmates, cousins, pet ferrets – whoever you damn well please! Together, you get to devour a monstrous 200GB pool of shared data, 500 mins talktime and 200 SMS every month. PHWOAH. 

For parents, the Family Plan is the ultimate household saver: everyone together on one bill with enough data to keep the whole fam occupied. Plus, the Parental Control add-on helps you track usage and keep your kids protected from unwanted content. 

For housemates, you’re already splitting the rent and utilities, so why not combine your mobile plans and get even more bang for your buck? And with a separate SIM each, you can stay online without arguing over who is hogging the Wi-Fi. More data, more savings, more freedom? It ticks all the boxes. 

For kids, it’s the ultimate way to convince Mum and Dad to ditch those overpriced phone plans they insist on keeping. Getting the whole crew on a Family Plan helps everyone save more on their monthly bill, while you get to keep doing your own thing without anyone cramping your style. 


Glad you asked! Firstly, there’s no contract. Zip. There’s really none. Just one simple monthly bill sent to the primary account holder. You can add or remove accounts every month and cancel whenever you need to, and everyone gets their own SIM (so you each still get your own phone number). Unlike that pyramid scheme your friend just signed up for, the Family Plan has no strings attached. 😎

Other than access to mountains of data, you score great perks by teaming up with the family you choose. You get to enjoy awesome savings on your monthly bill — why not when it can cost as little as $15/month per person? *spits out coffee* 

And the more lines you add, the more you save!


We reckon we have some of the best SIM-only deals around for individuals, but the Family Plan is the ultimate for the budget-conscious. Here’s an example: 

- Dad uses 10GB/month watching DIY tutorials on YouTube
- Mum uses 10GB/month streaming classic Kdramas and FaceTiming her friends
- The 3 kids use 40GB/month each by power-scrolling Instagram and playing games online 

Normally, the parents would get by on 20GB Smart Start (from $18/month) while the kids would need the Unlimited Data plan (from $38/month). Not bad at all, right? But if they switch to the Family Plan, they only pay $80/month for a whopping 200GB of shared data. That’s just $18 each – and since they use around 140GB/month on average as a group, they’ll still have 60GB of leftover data to play with.  

Yep, our new Family Plan is designed with the people in mind, giving Singapore families what they need to kick goals every day. We’re not lying when we say we’re always listening.👂🏼

Sign up today and start saving!

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