Get the lowdown on Galaxy Z Fold3 & Z Flip3’s shiny new suit of armour


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Try to stay calm, but Samsung has just dropped the Z Fold3 and the Z Flip3 – two epic new foldable phones in the Galaxy Z Series. There’s a serious buzz within our team and we’re convinced these are the phones to beat in 2021. Both support dual SIM with a physical slot plus an eSIM, perfect for savvy folks who save some bucks every month by using our no-contract data-only SIM plans as a second line.

Let’s unpack why we reckon Samsung’s latest phones are the real deal.


Like the original Z Fold and the Fold2, this beast is a phone and tablet in one. Here’s where the Galaxy Z Fold3 takes foldable phones into new territory.

Water-resistant and tougher than ever

The Z Fold3 is Samsung’s toughest Fold yet with a lightweight but super-strong Armour Aluminum frame and IPX8 water resistance rating. The cover and back screen use rugged Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, which can withstand drops of up to two meters and offers extra scratch resistance. As for the main screen, it uses Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass which is 80% more durable than previous Fold phones.

Supports two types of S Pen

For the first time in the series, the Z Fold3 supports the S Pen Pro and S Pen Fold Edition. Now you can enjoy the big, beautiful display of the Z Fold3 with an S Pen using Flex Mode: flick between apps like lightning, draw doodles while on a video call and manage your files with total control.

Features an under-display camera

The Galaxy Z Fold2 had a pretty awesome main display, but Samsung had to use a punch-hole for the selfie camera. For the Z Fold3, they’ve somehow added an under-display camera that disappears when you aren’t using it. Genius? Magic? However it works, the result is pure, immersive, uninterrupted visuals on a massive 22.5:18 AMOLED Infinity Flex Display.


Not to be outdone, the Z Flip3 is just as impressive as its bigger brother. Instead of the vertical fold-out design that turns the Fold3 into a tablet, the Z Flip3 display folds inwards like a classic flip phone for maximum portability. And it’s gone further than the Z Flip and Z Flip 5G have ever dreamed of.

Cheaper than the Flip 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has dropped in Singapore, with the Z Flip3 starting from $1398, which is already well below the current price of the Z Flip 5G. This now puts it in line with other premium phones, which is a huge relief for those of us who want to get our hands on a foldable phone without paying more than we usually would.

Larger cover display

The Z Flip3’s cover display is almost double the size of the Z Flip 5G, making it easier to check texts, snap photos and play tunes without unfolding the phone. You can choose different display options to keep your favorites within reach at all times. Not to mention, there are new colors and styles.

Moves the front camera under the display

Like the new Z Fold3, the Z Flip3 has a seriously cool under-display selfie camera on the main display. This means it only shows up when you need it to: when you don’t, it’s hidden underneath so you can enjoy a seamless 7.6-inch display – which is now 120Hz for super-smooth visuals.


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