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Galaxy Free Trial: Your Chance to Try Out Samsung’s Latest Foldable Phones

2nd July 2021

Samsung is well and truly leading the charge when it comes to foldable phones. Thanks to some seriously futuristic designs like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Galaxy Z Flip, you can now double your phone’s display or halve its size with a flick of the wrist. We haven’t been this excited about an innovation since Snake went from black and white to color, but it can be a little tricky knowing what to expect if you’ve never seen one in the flesh. Awesomely, Samsung has got us all covered by offering a free 7-day trial of their latest folding phone and flip phone. Winning!

How to sign up and collect your trial Galaxy Z phone

It’s so easy to get started with the Galaxy Free Trial that we’ve been trying it blindfolded. But we also spilled a few coffees, so it’s best to keep your eyes unobstructed for this one. Head to the online Galaxy Free Trial hub where you can book an appointment after punching in a few deets. They’ll ask which Samsung folding phone you want to try, though you can actually try both if you make a second booking. You’ll need to collect it in person and sign a form, so head to the specified Samsung phone store with your NRIC and a credit card in your name which they’ll use to pre-authorize the cost of the phone. Be sure to have a squiz at the terms and conditions before booking to make sure you’re across everything. When you collect it, the Samsung staff will be around to show you how to get started, transfer data from your other phone and show off a few of the coolest features of your chosen Galaxy Z.

Getting the most out of your Galaxy Free Trial

The Galaxy Free Trial lasts for 7 days, with the day you collect counting as the first. This means if you pick it up on a Wednesday, you’ll need to return it to the same Samsung store by 7pm the following Tuesday. If you’re anything like us, you’ll drag yourself to their doorstep with minutes to spare, soaked in fresh tears as you face an inevitable breakup with your ‘new’ baby. Okay, maybe we’re being a little dramatic since you can just pick up a new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone or Z Fold 2 on a no-contract, value-packed Combo Plan with Circles.Life. Even so, here are a few things to try as you live with your trial Galaxy Z phone for a week.


Answer a call with the cover display: When the phone is flipped or folded shut, answer an incoming call by swiping on the cover display. You can even set the Z Flip to answer automatically when you flip the phone open, just like the good old days.


Take selfies with the cover viewfinder: Galaxy Z phones let you take easy selfies with the rear camera when the phone is shut since the cover display also acts as a viewfinder to help you line up the shot. Double tap the fingerprint sensor to start, and tap the display to change lenses.



Launch multi window in a pinch: Open an app then swipe from the right of the display to launch a second app from the multi window tray.



Turn your phone into its own tripod: The Z Flip and Z Fold 2 can stay propped up when semi-folded at various angles, which means you can leave it standing like a tripod to take cool videos and time lapses and do hands-free video calls.


Charge up wearables with Wireless Powershare: Run out of juice on your earbuds or smartwatch? When you don’t have a charger on hand, use Wireless Powershare on Samsung’s new phones to transfer some power to other devices.

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