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Family Plan for All: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Smartphone Users

17th May 2021

The world is changing. It always has been. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say it’s not going to stop changing anytime soon, and we think that’s a good thing. Just hear us out for a second. 

Family is an idea we’ve loved exploring over the years. As the world has changed, the concept of family has evolved to include much more than just the relatives you grew up with: it extends to all the people with whom you share something special. From your ‘sometimes naggy but always loyal’ parents to the lifelong friends you’ve made countless memories with, family is whoever you choose. 

At Circles.Life, we have come to thrive on the energy we get from creating a sense of family. As our diverse and vibrant team continues to grow, we’ve built a culture around values like keeping an open mind, looking out for each other, and always growing. But it’s not just about how we look at ourselves. Awesome people like you have helped create a fantastic community that we like to think of as one big family. You’re there to cheer us on when we’re kicking goals with great data-only plans and a nifty app, but you also aren’t afraid to show us how we can improve.

We’ve also seen how our customers surround themselves with the family they choose to get the most out of life. It’s an idea we’re grabbing with both hands, but we realized it’s just lip service without products that reflect it.

That’s why we launched the Family Plan, an all-new way to get data at great value and share it with your ride-or-die squad. 

No rules, just loads of data and massive savings

With the Family Plan, we wanted to make something perfect for sharing with the best people in your life. There are no rules, which means we don’t set any hoops for you to jump through to prove you’re related or living in the same house. Only you can choose your family, so get your motley crew together and celebrate diversity with a shared mobile plan that adds more value with every line you add. 

And hey, we all experience some family-related headaches from time to time. From fighting over shared bathrooms to wrestling for control of the remote, we can’t help but get on each other’s nerves every now and then. 

Thankfully, we’ve kept the Family Plan as stress-free as possible, so there’s little chance it turns into a frenzied brawl. Every member can activate their own SIM once the primary account is active, and it’s super easy to add or remove accounts whenever you need. There’s just one bill, so it’s painless to sort out payment and even divvy it up with other communal expenses as you please.

The Family Plan is one of our best SIM-only plans in Singapore for sharing data with the best people in our life, and the perfect way to get loads of benefits without blowing your monthly budget. 

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