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Ditch the Chargers! iPhone 12 is Revolutionising Phone Charging

17th May 2021

If there’s anything we know here at Circles.Life, it’s that we can only watch so many *do X and see how your dog reacts* challenges before our iPhone 12 runs out of battery. And trust us when we say, we can watch A LOT of them. 

Yep, recharging is pretty much a fact of life, even if you have an iPhone with a beasty battery that takes you through the day. This usually involves plugging an old and worn out cable directly into the phone, or in the case of some newer devices, placing it on a wireless Qi charging pad. But Apple is taking everything we know about phone charging and flipping it on its head with one of the coolest iPhone 12 features: MagSafe. 

If you feel like you’ve heard of MagSafe before, we’re not surprised. It’s the name Apple used for the magnetic MacBook chargers that snap on to the charger port, at least before they switched to USB-C. Like these old laptop chargers, MagSafe for iPhones is magnetic – but attaches to the device in an entirely different way.

What is MagSafe for the iPhone 12?

The MagSafe charger is a thin, flat disc that snaps to the back of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max to recharge the battery. The disc itself has a cable that plugs into a USB-C power adapter to get you back up to 100% as quickly as possible.

MagSafe is possible thanks to a ring of magnets included in the iPhone 12 design and it makes charging your phone a piece of cake, connecting effortlessly with a quick snap. Hang on, does this mean we can stop awkwardly jimmying a cable into our iPhone’s charger port? Winning! With our clumsy fingers, our old cable was starting to look like someone set it on fire and put it out with a shovel. 

Get your bling on with the new MagSafe accessories

Because MagSafe uses magnets to clip to the back of your iPhone 12, many older cases and phone wallets will need to be taken off for you to recharge (though some might work with a weaker connection). The best way to get the most out of the new charging mode is with the fresh range of MagSafe accessories launched by Apple and a bunch of third-party brands. These include cases and wallets with built-in magnets that let you snap on a MagSafe charger without having to remove them, along with handy gear like car mounts and duo chargers. 

magsafe car accessories

Some nerdy stuff

It’s worth mentioning the MagSafe charger supports up to 15W peak power (or 12W for the iPhone 12 Mini), which you won’t be taking full advantage of if you use an older, weaker power adapter. Apple recommends using their 20W power adapter or similar third-party USB-C PD adapter to get the fastest charging speeds with MagSafe on your iPhone 12

And just remember to make sure the power adapter you use has a USB-C port, not the standard USB we used to get with older iPhones. 

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