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Discover something new every month with Subscription Boxes

5th August 2021

Have you ever wanted to try something out, but didn’t know what to buy in the end?

If you’re scratching your head wondering what a subscription box is all about, then this article is definitely for you!

A subscription box is usually a recurring service where you pay a certain amount every month, and you’ll receive random goodies that you may not normally buy yourself but could still be an interest for you.

The thing about these boxes is usually the stuff inside is worth more than you pay. It’s also a way for businesses to promote new products risk-free in return for providing such a value.

When you’re buying one of these subscription boxes, these are usually curated content that you already like. There are many companies out there doing such subscription boxes with niches ranging from clothing, to makeup, to food, to pets and even more.

One really good example is Dollar Shave Club in the US which is a subscription service for affordable, good quality razors.

Fun thing about opening a subscription box is not knowing what’s inside to surprise you, and it does feel like opening a present on Christmas as a kid.

Excited much

I would say it’s not a very common thing here in Singapore as we don’t see much of such things promoted here.

As a subscriber to such boxes both locally and internationally before, let me introduce some of the boxes that I’ve used before and some of those which are interesting as well.

Note: Circles.Life does not recommend or endorse any of these brands. All of these recommendations are 100% from me, and I am just sharing what I enjoyed using personally! Also, there are some affiliate links where I may get a small compensation (if you choose to click through those links) without any additional costs to you.

1. Sprezzabox: For the Men

This is one of the first subscription boxes I ever tried as I was curious, and it’s one of the leading brands for Men’s subscription boxes in the world right now.

For just US$28 a month, you get a box curated with goodies anywhere from socks, sunglasses, wallets, watches, ties and basically anything ‘Men-related’ under the sun.

In recent times, you can even choose a more micro-related thing such as last month’s box where the box was Coffee themed.

I personally tried it and loved it because of the high quality goods that were given considering the price that I have paid for.

There’s also an option to pre-pay for longer durations up to one year, and it’ll be cheaper if you subscribe for a longer commitment as well.

If you actually like some of the things in the box, you can always go back to Sprezzabox website to purchase more of that product too.

I would say this is a good starter box especially for guys if you’re curious. Try one month first to see if it is something that you may want!

Click here to get your first box with Sprezzabox

2. Lookfantastic: For the Ladies

Since the last one’s for men, this one’s for you ladies out there!

Originally from the UK, Lookfantastic launched in Singapore back in 2016 to serve the South East Asian market.

Lookfantastic has a subscription box that is specially catered for the ladies with a wide range of beauty products.

Very similar to Sprezzabox above, the prices start from S$38 a month and get cheaper if you choose to commit for a longer term.

In return, you get products worth at least S$85 a month and it’s a way to try out new stuff as well!

This site seems like one of the more credible ones out there and they also specially catered for the South East Asian market.

Good thing is that you can try it for one month to see whether you like it as well before choosing to commit to a longer term!

Click here to subscribe to Lookfantastic’s beauty box

3. Perk Coffee: High Quality Gourmet Coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker or coffee lover, then this one is definitely for you.

Especially with most of us being home a lot more, having a good cup of coffee is definitely essential to keep us going.

Personally, I tried out Perk when they were still very new and was hooked onto their offer where I got to try 2 packs of Coffee for free by just paying the delivery charges.

Cool thing is that Perk caters to all kinds of coffee drinkers from people who ground their own coffee, to providing drip bags, and to people with Nespresso machines.

For people who want their beans pre-grinded, you can even choose the way you brew your coffee so they’ll send you the most optimal beans for your coffee brewing experience.

Starting from about S$18 for the normal bags, I would say this is a very affordable option and saves you a lot of money if you’re someone who love to get coffee from Starbucks.

Big plus is that there’s different beans you can choose from. If you’re someone who is adventurous, you can leave the selection of beans to the team so you’ll always have a different experience.

You can get coffee packets every week all the way up to every half a year depending on how much coffee you consume. At any time, you can pause or cancel the subscription as well too.

If you’re interested in trying out, you can use my referral to get $10 off by just clicking on the link below!

Click here get your first subscription of Perk coffee

4. Bootstrap Beverages: For The Cold Brew Coffee Lovers

If you are someone who prefers cold brews, then this one is definitely for you.

I originally knew about this business because a friend sent me one of their boxes as a gift. The box contained 6 beverages that had both Coffee and Tea inside.

This company has a brewery that brew their own coffee and tea, so everything is as fresh as it gets when you subscribe to one of their boxes.

You also get to choose if you want to have a box with a pure flavour, or get a 6-pack box which is more like a sampler set in case you want to try a variety before committing to either flavour.

The prices for the coffee starts from $28 per box and can be shipped as fast as every week. If you’re a heavy drinker, there’s a offer for a semi-annual or annual subscription where they will deliver every week while you save on more money as well.

Personally if you want to try, definitely use my link below to get your first pack of 6 for free. 

Click here get your first subscription of Bootstrap Beverages

5. Shave2u: Affordable Premium Razors

With Dollar Shave Club being so popular in the US, there have been many companies that tried replicating the same model all over the world.

I personally tried before a service called Click N Shave, but I believe they have currently stopped business already (There’s a website still, but I’m not sure if it is still operating).

So while searching for a new company, I found another company called Shaves2u which started primarily in Malaysia and expanded over to Singapore.

Personally I’m not a fan of the big razor brands and have been using such blades ever since I found out that companies like Shaves2u offer subscription boxes.

From prices like $8 to $20 every few months, the costs definitely beat most premium brands hands down.

As for the quality, these blades are usually quite high quality as well. The previous razor brand that I used has lasted me for a long time as I don’t need to shave as much.

The starter pack which costs $8 comes with a shaver handle, shaver blade plus a shaving cream. After which, you can buy the refill pack which is about $20 per 6 pack.

Click here get your first subscription of Shaves2u Shavers

Want More Subscription Boxes?

Let’s just say there are countless subscription boxes out there and there’s literally one for every niche.

A good website that I found is over here where you can view the best subscription boxes. Note that not all of them deliver internationally and may be US-only.

Some of the interesting ones that I’ve found are the ones below:

This one is for the chocolate lovers where you get different chocolate bars sent to you every month! There’s also the 3, 6 and 12 month subscription if you want to save more too.

Interesting thing about this brand is that many people buy this as gifts for family and friends, because the chocolates are a mystery and the fun part is actually guessing the ingredients behind it.

Another interesting one I found is the Pusheen Box. Yes, the same pusheen with stickers on Facebook Messenger!

This one is definitely for people who love Pusheen. But as for the price, it’s definitely pricier than most subscription boxes as it is more niche.

One thing I love about subscription boxes is that you usually get more value than what you paid for, which is one of the biggest selling points of such boxes.

However the downside is that you may not use everything in the box, so it could be perceived as a ‘waste of money’.

I would say these boxes also make great gifts for family and friends especially when you don’t know what to get them for a birthday present or for christmas (You can thank me later for giving you a quick gift idea 😉)

If you haven’t tried a subscription box before, definitely give it a try because it’s pretty enjoyable. Just make sure you pick something that you’ll use every month and you’re set!

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