What to know about Dare to Roam, the adventure for Pokémon fans


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As we all know, the Circles.Life family means fun, funky, freedom. All the data, rewards, flexibility, at unbeatable prices.

This October, we’re bringing the adorable to you as well - in the form of Pikachu, Piplup, Grookey and more.

That’s right, Pokémon is coming to our sunny island. Meet your favourites and unleash your power in the ultimate roaming experience.

We present the Dare to Roam adventure!

One roaming adventure for one whole day

For one day only, Dare to Roam gives you the confidence and freedom to roam in Singapore,

Brought to you by two fan favourites, Circles.Life and Pokémon, come down for a day of fun with plenty to do, see, and snap pictures of!

Mark your calendar. The greatest adventure of a lifetime is coming your way.

Date: 30 Oct 2022
Time: 9am - 6pm
Location: *SCAPE

What to Expect

You know how Circles.Life is for the people?

We’ve lined up a Sunday you won’t forget in a hurry, especially if you’re a Pokémon fan. Think photo ops with your favourite Pokémon. What about quizzes and special giveaways?

1) Fun for everyone: Got your fam and friends coming too? Perfect. Come down and snap pictures with your favourite Pokémon, join our quizzes and make it a day to remember. Look out for special giveaways!

2) Challenge yourself: Just like the Pokémon trainers that came before you, here’s a chance to test your wits. Join our roaming adventure, complete 6 challenges, collect badges, and you might just come home with lucky draw prizes. Find out more below!

3) Get inspired to roam: In celebration of our new travel subscription plan, Jetpac, we’re inviting Circles.Lifers and friends to answer the call to travel to new experiences. Find out more about the all-new travel subscription plan that offers data roaming, insurance and stackable perks at *SCAPE!

How to join as a challenger

Task: Complete 6 challenges around the *SCAPE and Orchard Road, and stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes, like goodie bags for all participants, plus Circles.Life travel packs and Pokémon merchandise for lucky draw winners.

Simply click here to qualify for the roaming adventure - it’s open for everyone and anyone to join in, as long as you’ve got the spirit to explore and challenge yourself! But do it soon, as recruitment closes on 26 October.

Roam in the skies with Jetpac, the all-new travel subscription

Okay, not exactly in the skies per se. But you get the idea.

With Circles.Life, you can discover new experiences not just on 30 Oct, but anytime in faraway lands too. The new Circles.Life travel plan, Jetpac, is all you need. It’s the first (and only!) travel subscription of its kind that offers data roaming, hotel credits, and free lounge access all in one plan. Travel is now so easy, you can jetset worry-free in a jiffy.

Look out for great deals to experience Jetpac for the first time at the event!

Just like you, we can’t wait

The countdown to 30 Oct has begun. Do you have what it takes to roam fearlessly and take on the challenge? Get your powers ready for an epic showdown.

Come on down and say hello even if you’re not participating in the roaming adventure. Bring your friends and family down for all the photos you can take with your favourite Pokémon!

But most of all, like we said at the start of this post, be fun and have fun. And have the confidence to roam, with Circles.Life and Pokémon.

©Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku. ©Pokémon. For promotional use in Singapore only.

Come and enjoy Dare to Roam with Circles.life. We offer SIM Only Plans and Phone Plans. We have also a great offering including e-SIM and the recent hot release iPhone14!





Published 2022-10-28

Written by Circles.Life


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