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Could These 5 New iPhone 13 Rumors Be True?

9th September 2021

The new Apple phone is coming, people. We’re on track for a late September release date and a fresh stack of rumors has dropped since our last look at the upcoming iPhone 13. 👀

Let’s dive right into the latest iPhone 13 rumors and see what they all mean for the fans!

New LiDAR scanner in the iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, which involves firing lasers at objects and surfaces to measure how far away they are. We saw Apple use LiDAR on the iPhone 12, which boosted augmented reality (AR) and added bokeh to low light photos with Night mode Portrait. We haven’t seen LiDAR reach its full potential on a phone, but the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max could get us closer than ever with the latest rumors suggesting it has a second-generation LiDAR scanner. Yes, more upgrades, so more adventures! 

So what?

At the very least, a LiDAR upgrade with the iPhone 13 means you can expect faster autofocus, better Portrait photos and upgraded AR. But it could also make 3D photography the next big thing: combined with better battery life, an improved LiDAR sensor could make it easy to create 3D models of any object and scene with nothing but an iPhone. 📸

No Touch ID fingerprint sensor

There have been plenty of rumors that Apple is working on a hidden under-display Touch ID sensor, but it might not launch this year. This would mean they’ll probably stick with Face ID for the iPhone 13, which may get moved under the display. 

So what? 

This is bad news if you were hoping to see a dual biometric system where you can unlock the iPhone 13 with either Face ID or Touch ID. All is not bad though. You can always use a standard PIN. Till then, we might just have to wait until 2022 to see Touch ID return. 😭

No buttons 

Okay, WHAT?! A cheeky patent application by Apple could be a clue that the iPhone 13 will have precisely zero buttons. No volume button, no power switch, nothing. Using “invisible backlit holes”, Apple could make parts of the frame touch-sensitive so they can be tapped to control the phone.  

So what? 

Ditching physical buttons would give the new iPhone 13 a cleaner aesthetic with a smooth frame. One word — sleek. This design also works with the rumor that Touch ID will eventually make a comeback through a sensor hidden under the display. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a surprise waiting. 🤔

Up to 1TB of storage 

If you’re somehow still running out of storage space on the 512GB iPhone 12, then Apple’s heard you. Rumor has it that there’ll be a 1TB version of the iPhone 13. The jury is still out on this one, but it would be a huge upgrade. 

So what?

1TB is A LOT of storage, which means you could basically take as many photos and videos as you like. You could also download extra apps and save music, movies and TV shows to your phone without a worry in the world. 😎 🍿

The last iPhone Mini

If you’re a fan of the iPhone 12 Mini, you might want to sit down for this one. Analysts reckon the iPhone 13 Mini will be the last of its kind after older models struggled to gain much traction. 

So what? 

This iPhone 13 rumour is a tough pill to swallow for those of us who want cutting-edge features without the massive display. Small flagship iPhones might be out of the question for a few years. 😞

The only way to enjoy the iPhone 13

If any of these iPhone 13 rumors are true, this will be a massive release. Extra storage for offline movies, 3D photography and even better night photography? It only gets better with a Circles.Life phone plan that gives you stacks of data, better benefits and NO contract. Now that’s freedom!  

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