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Could eSIM Be the Key Driver of the IoT Evolution? Here’s Our Take

2nd July 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. From something as small as your smartwatch to the massive jet planes flying across the ocean, the IoT is creating a world once reserved for corny sci-fi movies. We can dim light bulbs with our mobile phone, see incoming calls on our watch and even build self-driving cars that talk to each other on the road. This crazy tech revolution is already happening, but eSIMS could play a big role in the most exciting changes to come. 

Hang on, what exactly is the IoT?

IoT is the network of billions of physical objects around the world that connect to the internet to send or receive information. It’s not about traditional devices that you would expect to have an internet connection. This means that things like appliances, wearables and even cars can be part of the IoT, while your smartphone or laptop are not. Because the intelligent peeps have become really, really good at making small computer chips with massive potential, just about anything can become part of the IoT. From tiny medical devices to huge industrial equipment, there are so many ways the IoT is transforming the world around us. 

Okay, so what’s the deal with eSIM?

eSIM stands for embedded SIM, a relatively young piece of tech that hopes to eventually replace the physical SIM card in your phone. Like a traditional SIM, an eSIM carries the information your mobile phone needs to connect to cellular networks in Singapore to make calls, send texts and get a data connection. However, an eSIM can simply be reprogrammed to whichever telco you’re with (pick us, pick us!) which means you don’t need to bother with switching a card in and out of your phone like you normally would. It’s one reason many of our customers are signing up for a Circles.Life eSIM and doing away with the traditional SIM card. The growing use of the tech also means mobile phone makers can do away with the SIM tray, giving them new ways to improve the design of newer models. 

How eSIM will change your life through the IoT

Most IoT devices that we use today rely on a WiFi connection to stay connected, while some commercial and industrial equipment uses a physical SIM card or more complicated tech. Without it, these “smart” devices get a whole lot dumber. The role of eSIM in the IoT is simple: they make it incredibly easy to set up new devices, connect them to a mobile network and make changes without replacing or reinstalling anything. 

In plain English, we’ll see more and more smart devices with smaller designs that can be connected to the internet with ease. Self-driving cars will get a massive boost too, with eSIMs that let vehicles communicate on the road to improve safety and efficiency. It’s also going to become easier and more affordable to make smart homes a reality, from basic tech like controlled lighting to automating your morning cup of coffee. 

You can start using eSIM in a matter of minutes

eSIM isn’t some distant vision of the future: it’s tech any Circles.Life customer can take advantage of today. We’re proudly rated as Singapore’s easiest telco to use and switch to – it literally takes minutes to get started with eSIM and begin enjoying the benefits. Use the QR code to instantly activate your eSIM online and enjoy access to the same awesome 20GB and 100GB data plans, plus any add-ons you need to stay connected. eSIM makes it easier than ever to toggle between lines, and no physical SIM means you can do it all online without waiting for delivery. The tech is supported by a range of iPhones, Android phones and tablets, so hit the link above to see if your device is compatible. It’s a no brainer!

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