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City of the Future: What Life in Singapore Could Look Like with 5G

14th September 2021

Singapore’s new 5G network is no longer a question of ‘if’ or ‘when’. True 5G is being rolled out at this very moment, and we’re so pumped that we’re already forgetting what life was like before 🤔– cordless phones, download speeds of 1 Mbps… phew, no more of that!

There’s a lot of chitchat about the small comforts 5G technology will bring, like smoother streaming and faster downloads. But we know it’s all about the bigger picture, because 5G is an ENTIRE infrastructure upgrade that will change our lives for the better. 

We’re about to enter the Singapore of the future – brace yourself. 🤯 

Driverless cars everywhere

What, your car needs a human driver? 😒 Puh-lease, that’s sooo 2021. Driverless cars are already hitting the streets all over the world, but the 5G network is set to accelerate the industry like never before. The new technology will make huge improvements to the way autonomous vehicles communicate with one another on the road. That could be the norm in Singapore a lot sooner than we ever imagined. Didn’t we hear about Grab’s self-driving taxis potentially hitting the roads around Southeast Asia before 2022? You may never know what Gojek will surprise us with! 🚗

No day without Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

AR and VR are already transforming everything from entertainment to education. But the tech is still niche and ahead of its time – most of us have barely seen what it’s capable of. 

5G phones can move huge amounts of data much, much faster, which means people will be using VR and AR on a daily basis. 

Well, you can already imagine what a new wardrobe will look like in your bedroom with IKEA’s app. If you’re a football fanatic, you’ll know how AR and VR play out during the English Premier League matches. But have you heard of Southampton’s new augmented reality integrated kit, though? If the tech’s adopted across the teams, you could even host Lionel Messi in his new Paris Saint-Germain jersey in your living room on match day. 😍

Gaming, shopping, studying, working – you name it! Before you know it, you’ll go all FOMO when you haven’t had a taste of it.

Life-changing innovation

We use the internet to kill time, chat with friends and frantically Google if that pimple on our butt is going to kill us. But the internet also drives innovation: the move from 3G to 4G itself made things like ride-sharing and food delivery apps possible. 

The 5G network is a MASSIVE leap forward that will lead to new products, services and inventions we never dared to dream of. Smart tech startups will spring up to bring us anything we want, when we want it. Factories and warehouses will become automated, making the business world more efficient than we could possibly imagine. 🤖⚡️

Closer, more personal social connections

Don’t get us wrong, we love technology and how it keeps us connected. But texts and voice calls don’t always cut it – sometimes you just want to see your best pals face to face, you know? 😭

With 5G, we’ll connect with those people we love from anywhere in the world in a much more personal way. Buffer-free HD video calls, instant photo sharing and seamless live streaming will become standard, making it easier to share genuine interactions and experiences with one another online. 

The best ways to enjoy 5G right now

Buckle up! There are many ways to take advantage of the new technology, especially with 5G phone plan

🎮 Game Online – Play on max graphics without missing a frame.

📲 Binge Offline – Save shows on your phone with super fast downloads.  

🍿 Stream in 4K – Enjoy the latest blockbusters in razor sharp quality. 

💪 Hustle All Day – Smash your deadlines while WFH or in-office. 

The future is much closer than you think 

Get ready, Singapore. There’s big news just around the corner and we can barely keep a secret. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a massive Circles.Life 5G launch that will put you in the box seat to enjoy ridiculously awesome mobile plans with face-melting data speeds. 👀  We’re super excited and we’re pretty sure you are too!

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