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Aspiring to Be a YouTuber? These Are the Best Gears We 100% Stand By

5th August 2021

The days of lugging around a crate full of gear to shoot videos like a pro are long behind us. Some of the best YouTubers in Singapore are creating content with their mobile phones, thanks to the mind-boggling convenience of having an epic camera that slides easily into your pocket. 

That said, there is a stack of useful tools and accessories you can buy to get the most out of your phone camera without overloading yourself with bulky equipment. If you fancy trying your hand at mobile filmmaking – be it short films, travel videos, vlogging or anything in between – here is the best gear to consider for creating video content worthy of a pro.

The best camera phones

Choosing the right phone is the obvious place to start for mobile filmmaking. While so many mobile phones available in 2021 reach a new high standard, some stand head and shoulders above the rest. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is an obvious standout, capable of recording Dolby Vision video and capturing time lapses at night, thanks to a larger sensor. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is also one of the best camera phones available in Singapore, boasting the ability to record in 8K quality, plus a bunch of features like enhanced stabilization. Even the Sony Xperia 1 II is a top performer with its array of videography features, reflecting the brand’s success with Alpha mirrorless cameras. 

Mini tripod

Static shots, or shots without any camera movement, are an essential skill for any filmmaker worth their salt. Even those with the steadiest hands have no hope of keeping a phone completely still without some help, so a mini tripod is a great investment for filming interviews, time lapses and other cool videography styles on the go. Remember to consider the environments you’ll be filming in: will you get by with a standard tripod for flat surfaces, or do you need a more flexible tripod that’s better for gripping onto poles and uneven ground?

External microphone

It’s easy to take sound for granted when shooting a film, but it’s incredible how much of an impact a good microphone can make. The built-in microphone in your phone is fine for calls and memos, but it won’t cut it for mobile filmmaking. You’ll get the best results from a fully external audio recorder from brands like Zoom (not to be confused with the conference calling app), but you can also pick up nifty external microphones that plug straight into your mobile phone. The difference between a proper microphone and the one built into your phone is night and day – you’ll notice an immediate improvement.

Clip-on lenses

Every camera phone comes with a built-in lens, with newer models packing as many as three or four on the back of the device. Having several lenses to choose from makes it easier to capture a variety of shots and scenes, but even the most awesome phone cameras are limited by size. With an external lens that clips onto the back of your mobile phone, you can make your camera even more versatile and capture beautiful cinematic videography – from breathtaking ultra wide-angle landscapes to thought-provoking closeups. The more variety you add to your kit with things like wide-angle and telephoto clip-on lenses, the more flexibility you’ll have. 


While tripods are great for static shots, gimbals should be your go-to for action videography. Keeping these sequences smooth and table can make or break a film, with too much camera shake making the finished product look completely amateur.  Newer mobile phones have pretty advanced anti-shake software that helps keep things steady, but it still can’t beat the stability of a gimbal. Even the more affordable gimbals are capable of producing that crisp, clean look you’d expect in a professional production, though you’ll get more options as you increase your budget. Don’t forget to check out alternatives like shoulder rigs, depending on what you’re shooting!

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