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Apple AirTag: New Ways for You to Locate Your Everyday Items

16th July 2021



Did I check my pockets already? I could have sworn I had them a second ago. Did I flush them down the toilet? I’m going to be late again…

If you find yourself frantically searching for the keys every morning only to realize they were in your hand the whole time, rejoice! Apple AirTag is here to save the day, giving you a simple and easy way to track down lost items in the blink of an eye. 

What is Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTag is a small round tracker that can be attached to your stuff to help you find it when it gets lost. You can attach it to your keyring, slip it into your wallet, pop it into your backpack or even leave it in the car. Once you link the AirTag to your Apple ID, it shows up in the Find My app alongside any iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple devices you’ve registered. You can then track down any lost item in the app, which uses a nifty little radar to tell you the direction and distance of the item until you are right on top of it. The AirTag can use an in-built speaker to play a sound, helping you find it under the couch cushion or in the pocket of that pair of jeans strewn across the bed. 

Activate Lost Mode on tagged items

A cool feature of the Find My app is that you can activate Lost Mode for Apple Devices, which locks the device, makes it easier to find anywhere in Singapore and gives other people a way to contact you if they find it. This feature can now also be used with an AirTag, which is an absolute godsend for those of us who can barely keep track of ourselves, let alone our belongings. When Lost Mode is turned on for an AirTag, you’ll get a notification when it’s detected on someone else’s network and they can get your contact deets by holding it near their iPhone or iPad. 

It’s super easy to set it up

Apple has a knack for making things easy to set up and AirTag is no exception. Start by picking up as many as you need from the Apple Store – you can even buy a pack of four to save a bit of moolah – and take advantage of the free engraving to pop some cheeky texts or emoji on the back🦄 . It’s worth noting the AirTag itself doesn’t come with a hole or loop, so you might want to check out AirTag accessories like loops and keyrings if you need to physically attach it to something.  

Before you start setting up your AirTag, make sure you have:

  • An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (running iOS 14.5 or later)
  • Find My iPhone, Bluetooth and two-factor authentication switched on
  • A decent data or Wi-Fi connection
  • Location Services switched on

Boom, let’s go. Grab your shiny new AirTag and pull the tab to activate the battery, which is replaceable for when it eventually runs out of juice. Simply hold the AirTag near your iPhone or other device until you see the option to tap Connect on your display. You can choose its name from a list of common items like keys and wallet, or you can scroll to the bottom to add a custom name. Tap Continue a couple of times and you’re done. Easy, right? You don’t need a new iPhone or anything, as long as you have iOS 14.5 or later. 

How it works

You might be wondering how AirTag can track your stuff and how your privacy is protected. Well, the AirTag works using the Find My network, the same one you may already use to track down your Apple devices. This network is made up of all the Apple devices around the world. When something is lost, it sends out a secure Bluetooth signal which can be picked up by nearby devices. These devices then ping your Find My app to say, “Hey, I found it!”

Don’t worry, this process is anonymous, encrypted and done in the background so absolutely no one knows it’s happening except you. The AirTag doesn’t store any location history and the devices that help you find it have no access to your location. What’s more, your iPhone will send you an alert if an unregistered AirTag is traveling with you, without its owner, in case anyone tries to sneak one into your bag and track you. 

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