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6 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch to Circles.Life’s Family Plan Right Now

2nd August 2021

The way we see it, there are three ingredients to the best mobile plan: value, freedom and transparency. We all want more data and a smaller bill without the fuss of a contract or any nasty fees waiting to take you by surprise. With this in mind, we’ve been cooking up the perfect plan for sharing with family, friends, housemates, colleagues and even your cousin’s best friend’s dog. Okay, we’re not quite ready to take on pets (yet). 

The Circles.Life Family Plan is now available in Singapore, offering a stack of benefits designed to be shared with the family you choose. It’s the new way to start enjoying loads of data on a contract-free plan with no hidden charges and the flexibility you’ve been dreaming of. 

1. Easy Number Transfer

There’s nothing worse than jumping through hoops to switch carriers while keeping your old number, right? We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’d worked hard to make it ridiculously easy to move your number to Circles.Life and get started on a Family Plan. Already with us? Don’t worry, it’s easy for you too! 

First, make sure you: 

  • Don’t have a prepaid number (switch it to postpaid with your current carrier first)
  • Don’t have a contract
  • Don’t cancel your existing line (yet) 

Cool. Now, just follow these easy steps as the primary account holder: 

  1. Order your Family Plan and choose Transfer Number at checkout
  2. Activate your SIM online once you get it in the post
  3. Kick back and relax while we finish the porting overnight.  

Once you get up and running, everyone else on your Family Plan can make their own number transfer in-app. Simple! 

2. No Excess Charges

Forget breaking your data cap, paying for extras you never use or getting charged sneaky fees that eat into your savings. The Family Plan comes with everything you need at one low monthly price with more savings the more lines you add. A shared pool of 200GB data, 500 mins talk time and 200 SMS on up to 6 SIM cards gives you great value with full transparency. What’s not to like? 

3. Save as a Family

We hear you. Why switch to the Family Plan when you’re already kicking butt on a solo plan with Circles.Life? We take pride in our awesome SIM-only plans, but the Family Plan is bringing a whole new level of value to your phone. While our solo plans start at $18 per month, each line on a Family Plan can get as low as $15 when you add more SIMs. Lower price, fewer inclusions? Nope. Family Plans have a massive pool of 200GB to split as you like, while solo plans start at 20GB for one person. More data for less means it’s a no-brainer to gather some friends or family and help each other save. 

4. Contract-Breaking Plan

If you’re waiting for the sneaky fine print where we lock you in for 24 months, think again. We hate lock-in contracts as much as you do, which is why we put that idea in the shredder from the very beginning. Like the rest of our offers, the Family Plan is completely contract-free. No ifs, no buts. Just month-to-month goodness that helps you save without taking any freedom away from you. 

5. Easy Management

No one likes the confusion of splitting a bill, especially when your friend ordered three mains and you only had a starter (you know who you are). We keep your phone plan simple, the way things should be. Family Plans come under one bill managed by the Primary account holder, no matter how many SIMs are added. Tweak your plan by choosing from a bunch of add-ons any time through the app, like Unlimited Talk time and Data Rollover. And you can add or remove sub-accounts to your heart’s content, as long as there are at least two active SIMs on the plan. Neat! 

6. Parental Controls

Since the Family Plan is the best mobile plan for, well, families, we went ahead and made it even better. The Parental Controls add-on gives the Primary account holder everything they need to look after their family. Manage sub-accounts, block unwanted websites, limit data use by time, remotely access history and restrict app downloads, all controlled with a few taps in the app. 

If all these sound great to you, then wait no further – make the switch to our Family Plan today!

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