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5 Cool MagSafe Compatible Accessories For iPhone 12 users

19th May 2021

For iPhone 12 users, MagSafe was definitely one of the cooler features that came with this version of the iPhone.

When it was first announced with the accessories, I saw that you could customise with many different cases and wallets.

But the downside is that it was very, very expensive. 

If you’re wondering if there’s anything more than what the Apple official store provides in terms of Magsafe charger and accessories…

Yes really

Then the answer is YES THERE IS!

These few accessories are something you can consider to get as it makes full use of Apple’s MagSafe feature.

Take note though that most of these accessories work best only with a MagSafe Case as it’ll help with the magnetic pull. 

I bought the official casing which cost S$75, but there are definitely cheaper alternatives as well. 

The main thing that’s good about the official case is that it works very well with all these MagSafe accessories in terms of the magnetic strength, as some 3rd party cases weren’t created with MagSafe in mind.

If you’re looking to get an official case, then click here to find out more. It’s the same price regardless of type (mini, iphone, pro, or pro max).

Some great 3rd party cases that I found are the Bare Armour cases and the Spigen Mag Armour if you’re looking for protection as well! Just take note to buy the correct type according to what iPhone 12 you are using!

1. MOFT Snap-on Phone stand & Wallet

If you’re looking for a portable handphone stand, then look no further than MOFT.

MOFT is a brand that specialises in stands for devices, including laptops and tablets as well. They recently created a series of phone stand just to take advantage of iPhone 12’s MagSafe which you can see in this video here:

Problem is most handphone stands are sort of ‘permanent’ when you attach it to your phone. With MOFT’s Snap-on Phone stand, you can remove it at any time when you don’t need a use for it and add it back when you need it at any time.

Best part, it doubles as a wallet as well so it can hold a few cards as well.

There’s also a sticky pad add-on where you can attach to any surface or walls, and it allows you to take advantage of the MagSafe feature too.

Pretty neat, huh?

The price tag is rather affordable at $29.99, and $5 each for the magnetic pad. You can choose to add on 1 or 2 magnetic pads when you buy the phone stand.

I bought this awhile back and love using it as I can remove it at any time when I don’t need the use for it.

2. MagSafe Powerbank

How many times were you in a situation where you had a power bank but forgot to bring the wire along?

I know I have been, and it’s frustrating because it’s as good as useless.

Introducing a wireless power bank that’s designed to work well with MagSafe. There’s quite a few brands out there that actually do it.

The first one is by ChargeFast that costs US$64.99 if you buy one, with additional discounts of up to 25% if you buy 4 chargers at one go.

The second one is by Anker that costs US$40.00, but is currently out of stock as the pre-order demand was very high as of writing this article! Definitely keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in getting an Anker one as their quality is pretty good.

Personally I bought a MagSafe portable charger from this shop on Shopee, and it costs S$38.90 before stacking all the cashbacks and discounts. It also works pretty well so far.

Most importantly is that these power banks offer a wired option if you prefer as well, or are lending friends your portable charger and they don’t have an iPhone 12. It is usually connected with a USB-C cable so remember to bring them along just in case!

3. Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount

Here’s a great one for the drivers: Belkin’s MagSafe car mount which is designed to help attach your phone onto the aircon vent.

While searching, I found that this is one of the best one in the market so far as the magnetic strength is really strong while your phone is attached to it.

You can see from this video over here:

The only bad thing is that this doesn’t come with any built-in charger, so you’ll need to plug wired to a battery source if you want to charge it at the same time.

Also, you may want to get a MagSafe compatible case as the video does show that it doesn’t work well with one that doesn’t support it.

You can buy it officially from the Apple Store for S$59

4. Moment’s MagSafe Mounts 

Moment announced accessories back in November shortly after the iPhone 12 was released. I found out there were a lot of things including cases, tripod mounts, car mounts, and even  a wall mount as well.

You can see the range of stuff below:

I think one of the things most people can consider getting is the wall mount that costs US$19.99 and it comes with 2 adhesive pads to stick in different places where you might want to mount your phone.

The other cool thing would be the Tripod Mount which costs US$39.99, and the Tripod Mount Pro which costs US$49.99. The difference is that the Pro allows you to attach additional accessories like lighting or microphone to the attachment as well.

You can check out this quick review on Moment’s accessories too:

5. Belkin’s Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

This one is for the hardcore Apple fan who has the Apple Watch and Airpods because this device helps you charge everything at one go.

Best part, it supports 15W fast charging as well so you don’t need to wait too long for your device to be powered up.

Even if you don’t have an airpods, the bottom pad can be used as another wireless charger so you can wireless charge another phone as well.

While this device has an hefty price tag of S$209, there’s quite a lot of upsides as shown in this review:

So if the price tag doesn’t scare you, then you can get yours from the official Apple store.

Looking For More Cool Accessories?

With iPhone 12 released for a few months now, we’re starting to see more and more accessories that take advantage of the MagSafe feature.

I definitely want to see more of such accessories down the line that take advantage of MagSafe as well. Personally, the MOFT phone stand and MagSafe power bank are something that I use very regularly now.

But the downsides are that a lot of the official accessories cost quite a lot of money, such as the phone case and the Belkin Boost Charge Pro. 

Of course, you can definitely search around for cheaper alternatives but I can’t guarantee the quality of those for sure.

I personally bought the official casing and MagSafe Charger because I want the quality that comes along with it, and it’s a good thing because most 3rd party accessories would work well with an official case as well.

What other accessories would you like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments on Facebook!

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