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4 Ways Circles.Life Is Celebrating Christmas in Singapore with Its Favorite People – You.

16th December 2021
Christmas in Singapore

Christmas is just around the corner. Well, yea, of course — haven’t you seen the decorations along Orchard Road yet? 😍


And we bet Singaporeans are celebrating the holidays in their own special ways. But whether it’s a helping of decadent fruit cake or tangy fish head curry (the thought of this is already droolworthy), it’s important to remember that Christmas is a time to come together with the people you care about. 

And that sounds just like what we do, doesn’t it?

Being your favorite telco in Singapore, we’re so excited to celebrate Christmas with you! As you put up those decorations on the pretty tree you got there, take more than just a log slice 😏 of our treats below!


1. Unlimited data plans for all your holiday season needs

With the year we’ve had, we may not be with friends and family like we used to. Long-distance relationships are the norm now. It shouldn’t be a surprise that some of us might be having another Christmas dinner this year over Zoom or WhatsApp. 

So what does that mean?

You’ll need a steady supply of data, of course! Nobody likes interruptions, especially in the middle of family gossip, pfft 😖 “Wait, she said that? But how could she… ”. We hate that as much as you do!

If your home’s Wi-Fi did that, we can totally see you flipping the table already!

Switch over to Circles.Life’s unlimited data plan and roll over up to 100GB of data, so there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying long calls with your partner, family and friends. And if you happen to visit a friend or relative in Singapore over the holidays, you won’t have to worry about lagging Wi-Fi connection at their homes when you have such a solid SIM-Only plan for all data needs! 

We know every minute counts when it comes to time spent with your loved ones this Christmas. So if you still need to make overseas calls from Singapore, just drop in the IDD & IDD Plus Add-On, and you get a whooping 500 minutes of talk time! 

More than enough for Christmas, yea? 


2. The latest phones from your favorite phone brands

Everybody loves presents. And when your present is a shiny brand-new phone, it probably means you’ve been really good this year. 🤩 When it comes to photos, there’s almost no beating the iPhone 13 and it’s fellow companions in the same series. The latest showstopper — the beautiful iPhone 13 Pro Max — comes with a 12 MP telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lens, plus an equally stunning front camera. Meaning you’ll be able to get a solid click with Santa from just about any angle or distance. 

Or just take a picture of the illuminating Christmas decorations in Singapore at night to prove your point. 🤭


But if you want a real conversation starter during your Christmas parties, you can always opt for a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G or its more compact cousin Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. Their retro designs bring back the fun of old-school flip phones, and they’re not too shabby with the camera specs. 🤔

Either way, you won’t have to worry about gift ideas. We really want you to get your phone before the year ends. That’s why we let you Buy Now, Pay Later, which reduces the upfront cost of your Apple phones and Samsung handsets by up to 50%. How’s that for a year-end sale?


3. A reason to share the good times with your loved ones

But what is Christmas without a little sharing? If you’re already on a Circles.Life plan and want to share the joy, we’re rewarding you when you refer a friend or family to us. You’ll even get something if it’s just your favorite Grab driver in Singapore. Not only will your friend get $38 off their registration fee, but the both of you also will enjoy a bonus of 30GB on your data plan FOREVER. Yep, even after the holiday season ends. 😯


4. A telco who wants you to celebrate who you are this Christmas

With all the things you get from us, it’s easy to get caught thinking that Christmas is about getting cool stuff. But here at Circles.Life, we believe that you’re #morethanjustanumber. We want you to celebrate who you are this Christmas — reflecting on even the simplest achievements is enough! And while at it, remember to make a toast to the people who got you as far as you did. ❤️


From the folks at the best telco in Singapore, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. 🎄 🎉

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