4 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will change the way work gets done


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Businesses are always on the hunt for new tech that can keep them on the front foot. It’s not just about fancy cloud computing and innovative machinery: even smartphones can help enterprises thrive by keeping staff connected and productive. It’s part of the reason so many businesses are hooking staff up with corporate phone plans or partnering with Singapore’s top telcos for Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) deals. They’re not just offering perks, but also equipping their workforce with mobile phones that can help them get the job done.

Samsung has proven to be a go-to brand for enterprise phones in recent years, which is no surprise given how high they have set the bar with the S20 series. Awesome cameras, beefy specs and impressive security – what’s not to love? But Samsung may have outdone themselves with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, their latest flagship and a strong contender for the enterprise throne.


For many casual users, the S Pen might seem nothing more than a cool gadget or something to scribble with. For professionals, it’s the key to so much more. The S Pen makes it easier than ever to sign documents, design slides, edit spreadsheets and flick through emails – spectacular perks for those who rely on suites like Microsoft Office, Google Apps or Adobe. Then there’s the clear benefit to creatives in marketing, graphic design, art and photography, who can use the S Pen to express their best ideas with a flick of the wrist.

As the first Galaxy S phone to support the S Pen, the S21 Ultra gives professionals an alternative to Samsung tablets and the larger Note devices. The only downside is that the S Pen doesn’t come with the S21 Ultra by default, so you’ll need to buy one separately if you don’t already have it lying around. You’ll also need to add some bulk with a special case if you want to attach the S Pen to your S21 Ultra, since there is no other way to attach it to the phone itself.


The initial launch of Samsung DeX in 2019 was a game-changer for enterprise, allowing professionals to get a desktop-like experience on their smartphone. With DeX, you can connect your phone to a computer, monitor or TV and use it to create presentations, share files, write emails and browse the web on a big screen – just like you would with a laptop. No more lugging heavy gear around on a business trip: just your phone and any accessories you need, as long as there’s a display you’ll be able to use at your destination.

With the S21 Ultra, DeX has gone completely wireless. This means you can ditch the USB cable and use DeX without the extra baggage, making it even easier to use your phone as a PC on the go. You can seamlessly start a project on your phone and finish it on the laptop, move files between devices and run mobile apps on a big screen – all on a wireless connection.

You can take DeX a step further with a portable keyboard, mouse and USB hub to recreate your home or office setup – or something close to it – when working remotely. In a post-pandemic world, the level of flexibility provided by Samsung DeX is a game-changer for professionals.

But the real question is – is DeX a competent PC replacement? Well, you might have to put it to the test and see for yourself.


Phones with great cameras aren’t just for consumers. The whopping five lenses on the Galaxy S21 Ultra – one on the front and four on the back – make it a wonderful asset for enterprises:
- 40MP selfie camera
- 108MP wide angle (main shooter)
- 12MP ultrawide
- 10MP telephoto (3x optical zoom)
- 10MP telephoto (10x optical zoom)

Professionals have a pro-grade camera kit at their disposal with the S21 Ultra, starting with the 108MP main shooter that captures insane detail in every shot – even at night. The ultrawide lens makes it easy to capture dramatic scenes from unique perspectives, while two separate telephoto cameras work together to achieve incredible closeups with up to 10x optical zoom (using the physical lens for maximum quality) and up to 100x digital zoom (driven by super intelligent software). There’s even a laser autofocus sensor on the back to make focusing easier and faster every time you shoot, which is something the Galaxy S20 series often struggled with.

The S21 Ultra’s incredible specs make it one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. It does everything better and faster for professionals – from taking stunning photos for brand socials to recording videos in razor-sharp 8K quality. You can even grab quick photos of documents and instantly turn them into editable scans, and the selfie camera is excellent for video conferencing. Makes us wonder what Samsung Galaxy S22 (if any) could do.


Samsung is big on businesses, and the Enterprise Edition of the S21 Ultra is one of the ways they’re delivering the goods to the enterprise world. This edition of the Galaxy S21 Ultra gives businesses a complete package of mobile services to complement the powerful device, with bonuses like features tailored to your industry, IT security and financing options. The Enterprise Edition is the cherry on top for any corporate mobile plan or CIS offer in Singapore.


Give your enterprise the tools to thrive in Singapore’s ultra competitive business landscape. Check out our CIS plans and business solutions online or get in touch to have a chat about how we can help you and your team excel.





Published 2021-07-19

Written by Circles.Life



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